“If I Only Known” Chapter Four of the Varnos Front War

Art by Leon Tukker

Location: Western Varnos Sector,Hyperspace, Carrier Never Zero, Hanger Decks.
Current Hyperspace Velocity: 130 LPDs and increasing.
Heading: Towards Davidson’s Pull Colony.
ETA: 34 hours, 23 Minutes
Date: 2784.2.20.0232.43

The hangar decks of the Never Zero for the past two hours had been abuzz with traffic everywhere. It was not only the second wing personnel but variety of personnel from both the R&D arm and also the investigation arm either working on new starfighters that had been brought aboard or the Deep Space Darky Shuttle. However not all of it had been really pleasant and recently for the past few minutes had become increasingly becoming tense when Sirene engaged in a rather vicious argument with the lead R&D engineer that had come aboard the Never Zero right before the fleet had shipped out. He and his personnel was there to provide ‘upgrades’ that meant replacing all manned starfighters versions XSF–125 within unnumbered and unnamed variant for this operation.

Well Sirene was having none of it. She understood the need to test out equipment for the R&D arm to find flaws in the equipment that they gave out so that the shell corporations could turn a buck or two of profit but outright replace her whole manned section of the wing starfighters for the purposes of ‘research data’ was taking it a far to say the least.

“I’ve already said it, nicker, one time before and I’ll say it again. We’re not using that equipment. I don’t have to and I don’t need it. You already gave us these X-52’s,(the wing slang for XSF-125) over 5 months ago and we are still breaking them.” Sirene had tried tell this R&D manager that she would not be budging on this issue at least she hoped that her attitude communicated this clearly.

“Ma’am as I have also stated that I have authority from from R&D HQ and Fleet HQ to be here. We’re out here to support you in your mission with these things” His right hand pointed to behind him the yet named or numbered Star Fighter.

Its size was close in length to the ancient late 20st-century orbiter used by once former USA, so about 150 feet in length but its shape it was closer to a swept forward wings jet fighters of 21st-century era. Unlike most starfighters these wings were meant atmospheric maneuvering which was unusual since engineering designs of modern starfighter called for the wings to be more stubby and thick to handle the huge missile payloads on pylons that were both on the top and bottom of the airfoil if it had one at all.

None of this impressed Sirene. What she cared about was that her current equipment was being taken away and replaced by fresh prototypes that had no real combat experience let alone real wear and tear. Sometimes you do not find a flaw in something until you put it under all the stress possible outside of an R&D lab and trial run facilities. You would rather have issues happen when you are not being shot at than when someone is trying to end your life.

“No paperwork ever came across my desk that says you sug dung could even replace my starfighters, let alone so you have full control of my deployment capabilities”, She had not really lied and that she never had any paperwork ever really related to this R&D group but there was good reasons believe she was doing this more out of spite than playing the Red Tape bureaucratic shell game. High Commander Agent Vas pissing her off a few days earlier was good enough reason, in Sirene’s book, for messing with this guy and seeing what she could do tie them up in knots.

“Colonel you have to understand We need to do this, your old starfighters were taken off the ship and only your cockpits were left behind in order that you might be able to use these special experimental-” and he was cut off

“Your an idiot do you think we cannot use the drone frames we have on board and just able to pilot cockpit unit in those instead of using your crap. I really should forcibly remove from MY hanger for messing with my stuff.” Sirene moved in closer, shortening the distance between them to about two feet, to see how much she could intimidate this man with her height and presence.

“I guess then I have to do this” and with that the R&D leader made a quick message via nano neural link to Admiral Frasier. She was not pleased and quickly replied via quick nonverbal call back at the both of them who still were staring at each other down.

‘Sing, what the heck are you doing I hope you remember that you were told to cooperate with these people’ Frasier’s voice was perturbed and stressed.

‘Telling this cuck to get with the program and let me run MY UNIT.’ Sirene’s voice rattled as much as possible in the call, then R&D head engineer tried to talk but Sirene cutting him off which cause the discussion to pretty much descended into virtual insult match.

R&D head: ‘Ma’am. I am sorry I have not gotten to talk yet. We just barely had gotten done with moving in our deployment containers-

Sirene: He took MY WING’S Equipment without notification-’

R&D head: I did no such thing I only made room per my orders and the help of SCaptia-


R&D head: now you overstressed lanky blond brained pilot think you are so full of yourself –

Sirene: I should break you over my knee and train you the way your moma never did-

R&D head: OH really then i should teach you how you really should use your body instead imposing over people for po-

Sirene: oh you want to fuck me really maybe if you stripped here you might be man eno-

R&D head: HAHA have seen way too many nova babes to even say your worth whi-

Sirene: you going to learn how to really please woman after I find airlock and put it to ¼ Atmo-

R&D head: Then I could just lock you in on of your jets and have the time of my life with you locked up for-


R&D head: You like cock? Then I can easily provide in that case and-’

“SHUT HELL UP!” Frasier yelled causing the whole Fleet Tactical Center (FTC) personnel to freeze. Admiral Frasier just continued to stare at the 3D holo star map in the center of the room pretending nothing had happened. After awhile everyone got hint and went about work, except Sirene and the R&D Leader who were down on the hangar decks, still staring and considering what insults to throw next at each other. The question now was it going to be verbal, mental or physical. Also to note, a small crowd had formed around them that was made up of the 2nd Wing pilots and mechanics, R&D engineers and Investigation Arm Agents had come to see if fight might break out. Such is tradition the to not break up a potential physical assault but to lay bets on the winner. (Note that the olds on the head R&D were not very good.)

‘I hope you two behaved and have not cause a catastrophic decompression down there.’ Admiral Frasier tone was booming and in condescending manner.

‘Ma’am I hope you read my requests. My personal and I need full unlimited access to the 2nd Wing’s resource for us to help LTC Hardraft even if she is not cooperative.’ His voice seemed to have no malice in it and that perturbed Sirene. She felt that damn sure something was up and she knew what she could do about it was shrinking by the minute.

‘I read your orders-’ Admiral Fraser had more of glaced at them and certain wording told her all she needed to know ‘-and your requests-’ more of she skimmed them in a brief moment ago. ‘so LTC Hardraft please stop obstructing R&D personnel and at this moment on they have full access under my authority. Understood?’

‘Yes, ma’am’ the reply from Sirene was automatic but hard to tell on a non verbal call if sarcastic or just obeying command with programed military behavior. Admiral Fraser did not care and decided to defuse the situation with one more order.

‘Also Sing, come up too the FTC. We need to have briefing on the landing of Davidson’s Pull with the Investigation Arms Local Head Officer and CO of the TOG Marines. Some of the details of the operation need hammered out.’ and frasier cut the line after that to stop any retort that Sirene might have.

Sirene backed off from the R&D head for a moment. He seemed pleased and decided to urge Sirene to comply with her new orders.

“Well, now that is taken care off. May, I go about my work sing?”

“Sure, give me second to make clearances for you.” Sirene mental linked to the 2nd wing security systems started authorizing the R&D head to do has he please. He saw the access code on his AR hud and was about to maybe say something gloating before sucker punch left hook hit his stomach and cause him collapse. His lungs emptied into deep space from the force of the blow.

Sirene walk off towards the one of the transit system access points on the hanger deck and ring of people parted ways as she moved through them with a purpose. Maybe she had lost the verbal battle but everyone still knew who ruled the hangar decks and it was not some outsider still trying to get out of the physical and mental shock of what had happened let alone breathe normally again.

CIC Deck: FTC Wing of Never Zero:

“So our ETA of arrival is four days out so I would like you three to hammer out battle plans for the landing on Davidson’s Pull. I will be managing system wide deployment of the fleet but LTC Hardraft will be operational commander of the landing teams from the TOG Marine teams to the Investigation Arm Nab operations that will be happening in tandem when we land. Any Other questions?” Frasier looked from the Colonel of 5th TOG Marines to the Local Head Investigation Arm Officer to LTC Hardraft.

It was not unusual for lower ranking person in situation like this to be above other persons for operational chain of command in these situations. It was about swift commands from a big picture approach and that was what Sirene fit the bill of she was officer of background of providing air/low orbit support for tactical situation from small raids to fire support for local Investigation Arm Teams to precision strike forces for the elimination arm when need.

Starfighters were not overwhelming power projection. They were a fine tooth comb for surgical support wherever needed and this landing op Sirene was going to be CO of the air and ground force to keep the picture in focus while the other chain of commands would focus on the finer details as shit happened or for the Admiral the bigger system wide situation.

“Thank you Admiral we will take it from here and send you the plans when we are done” Colonel Hoster CO of the 5th TOG Marine Battalion stated and motioned to the two other COs.

“Also keep an eye on the 2nd wing they are reliable bunch but can get full of themselves.” Admiral Fraiser spun with precision on her left foot and left the room.

Sirene’s face seemed the normal stoic mode she had for command presence . But anyone that knew her could see a slight cheekiness in the lips that suggested she was a naughty child that knew it had gotten away with something. Because her parent would not punish her for small lapses in restraint because in the present of company made it more problematic to punish the child than to leave the issue unchecked.

“Alright, let’s get down to the issues at hand.” Said Investigation Arm Officer Robert Chainson

“An Investigation Arm team about 6 months ago acquired up the most up to date blueprints of Davidson’s Pull. They will probably be outdated on the minor details because of seasonal restructuring on some of the urban surface area of the colony but major details and important parts of the colony are going to be the same from weapons placements, to Control centers for docking, security and central computer access.”

In the center of the room popped up a Davidson’s Pull in hologram form showing the all the details need to be known for this ‘invasion’. It was lacking by normal SP standards-it was out of date for one. Most SP ops require stations and colonies tactical data it to be up to date at least within the two weeks before active unit to be deployed or operations to authorized and the data not very precise on the location data storage centers or the control centers multiple systems like: Atmosphere, Life Support, Security and Network Systems. Still ,even this info was huge leg up for SP forces and they would not going in blind or have no familiarity with the terrain.

“We all know objective number one objective is Central control the Network Systems and Getting physical Control of the Storage Server Banks that run the IntraNet is the priority of the raid at the beginning.” Officer Chainson looked at Sirene to see if she might interject and she took the hint and replied.

“True but you know the the time schedule. I already ran this scenario through predictive Tactical and they gave me about two hours before we will have massive civilian casualties from the conflicts with Security forces” She finished see how they would reply.

“That was under the original proposal that we would insert two squadrons with one flight per Shuttle team.” Officer Chainson began to point to highlight sections of the colony blue prints. They were the pointing to Main Dock and secondary Dock on both of the ends of the cylinder and one area about one third the length down of the colony on the it outer surface.

“This was the original plan to have the main team with marnie’s bust through the front gates with support of Destroyer’s Kasumi and Victora’s Vice. A two shuttles with two flights would go through the back. And one shuttle was going with one squadron through this side route.” As he finished the sentence the Hologram zoomed in on colonies’ the highlighted surface entrances into the underskin of the colony. Sirene looked at it then spoke slightly puzzled but also fishing for info. “So what is wrong with the original plan? We have enough fire power fleet wide to put down all the PDL systems at range so approaches should be fine.” Sirene saw the Colonel Hoster had the answer on his face as he began speak

“We do not know how strong their gates will be to put it plainly. I have 250 Marines going to invade a station that by low estimates has 50,000 security forces let alone 75 million resident that potentially could be hostile. Even with the edge we will have in firepower I fear if we commit to charge of the main docks as primary play will not only be predictable but potentially stall all other parts of the operation.” The hologram turn into predictive mode zoomed in on the main dock and showed multiple play outs of landing scenarios with failure on all of them but two. Colonel Hoster played the first successful one and Sirene move in on the hologram seeing the layout of the attack. She had an Idea what he wanted to do and let him explain. He continued to speak with hologram detailing the each part of the plan.

“We can still commit to a frontal assault so we can make it easier for your operation happen, Hardraft”

Hologram zoomed out and showed the new plan of attack. Coma’s Punch would fully commit the Main Docks assault instead of being split up. This allowed enough cover for the marines to land, open entrances for the Investigation Arm Shuttle Teams to get through into the inside but unlike the original plan Bitches Mane will be split into five flights each with one the primary Shuttle Team entering through under skin of the colony and head towards the support beams that held the colony together and also provide an entrances from the underskin areas to the top side. It was tight fit to fly starfighter under there let alone a shuttle. Then add eva operations by the Shuttle crews which could slow down the time table if robotic/explosive means did not work or were too risky but the element of surprise being able to in the practical middle of the O’neil Cylinder would help speed up a lot of the moving parts of the operation.

“This put a lot more pressure on the main docks being taken in time.” She looked at the fifty something colonel with a nod implying she knew it could be done but at what cost.

Colonel Hoster agreed with Sirene “They will be taken in time but we lose too many men in trying get control of the primary dock systems and we will be undermaned for the rest of the operation.”

Sirene mentally signaled for up the second plan. It was not generated plan this was hand crafted and had a lot of moving parts and way too much guess work but somehow passed the predictive model stress test. She whistled in complement at this crazy but perfect plan of attack.

“So this was the damn thing that was hogging up the predictive computers the past few days?” Sirene asked Colonel Hoster who now understood he was not dealing with normal CO of Star Fighter wing.

“Yes and I borrowed your Majors while you were on the lower decks dealing with troublemakers. They had few ideas on improvements.” The word had already gotten around what happened few minutes earlier on the Hangar decks and He implied as much.

“Well, I Guessed as much cause only he would think something this stupid up.” Sirene pointed the new plan. Instead of her squadron both Coma’s Punch and Bitch’s Mane would be deployed

via six prong entry Into under skin of the colony in order to maximize the time of surprise and provide cover for the investigation arm teams as they began their arrests.

The change in the plan would also make it so that for the TOGs They would use lethal force to gain control of the main dock and MDGC that allow smaller ships say shuttle size to go from the main dock into the interior. Lots of moving parts were involved in having many smaller scout fireteams used instead of usual TOG Squads of twelve in order to maximize flexibility to find vulnerabilities in the network systems of the colony.

This is a gamble but a very educated one and if it worked the enemy would have no idea what happened and SP forces would have control of main dock and ability to move in his many shuttles and starfighters as possible to resupply the SP forces that would be already involved in main operation objectives in the inside of the station.

The major concern though was how quickly the enemy would scale up the resistance against sp forces and the potential insurgency of civilians that was more of a long-term problem since operation designed to last for about 24 hours. That was estimated how long it would take in worse case scenario to arrest all the targets.

“This is nuts but you think you can pull of your end, right sir?” Sirene slight tilted her head to the left to see his reply.

“Hardraft, your concern is noted and l know its gamble but your part of this operation is most important. I know why we are really here and it’s not to hold a colony hostage. It is to nab those 300 priority targets which means worst comes to worst I buy time for your operation with my men’s bolts, bullets and blood. With all the tech and improvements in arms there still has to be meat shields and I will make sure SkyCrackers make costly ones at that to take down.” He finished his sentence implying the level of violence he could wreck if necessary to guarantee success of the mission was unlimited in the practical sense. That was the whole point to this gambit was to hopefully require less conflict in the populated areas.

Sirene knew though if it turned deadly how bloody it could be. She had ended enough lives in other ships, stations and outposts to know how far people could go to defend what they believe was right even if overwhelming force was opposing them. And the worst case scenarios that she just cued up showed her the cost. of the about 50,000 internal security forces it showed over half dead in the first 3 hours of conflict. Civilian casualties numbered between a few hundred to outright worse case in the millions.

“I pray we do not need to shed blood too early in this operation” Sirene replied

“Well, I am afraid that depends on how our opposition response. If they only have Riot or normal SWAT level gear then R&Ds N.L.C.P. weaponry should be more than enough but if they have any kinetic bolt rifles and power armor we will have problem that will be only solve by overwhelming lethal force.” Answered Officer Chainson. He brought up the rules of engagement per the current plans parameters with of R.F. levels. R.F. was shorthand for term called Responding Force IE the type of weapons SP Investigation arm teams need to use to successfully complete the mission if they had to engage in combat. Usually all SP investigation arm team took with or kept near by them weapons and defensive items one to two levels above the max recommended RF level for their missions. You never know when a situation could go south.

The RF level for the operation started at RF Yellow and pretty much fell to RF Violet if the situations fell apart in the sims if the Security forces had Kintec bolt weapons and Anti personnel Drones. Sirene sighed at seeing at least RF Black was off the table. She has seen few too many of those situation to know how ugly it got when SP really cared not for those on the receiving end.

“So it pretty much means your IA boys are ready to for lethal combat but hopefully the do not need to scale up beyond RF Red” Colonel Holster finished his sentence but the his face implied the rest. The TOG marines worked under the RF paradigm but usually they never really matter because if the marines were there you were already in some sort of trouble needing lethal response.

“ Alert ALERT! 212th Battle Squadron will be dropping from hyperspace in thirty minutes. All FTC personnel involved with please report to your station in 10 minutes.” Blared the Never Zero’s AI over the PA. Sirene also saw requests for the current holo termal on her nano neural link to console stream in right after that message.

“How about we bang out the minor details over the next couple days and pray to the Orion’s belt we get some right in our guesswork.” Sirene suggested.

“Agreed, Colonel. Will ping later.” Officer Chainson finished his reply and began to walked out before saying something else. “Try not to rough up anymore R&D guys. We really are going to need them this round Ma’am.”

Sirene did not have reply for that. She turned from the leaving Tan coated Investigation Arm officer to Colonel Hoster to see if he would explain what Chainson was talking about.

“Hardraft, how long have you been in command of the 2nd Mobile Wing?” Asked Colonel Hoster

“A little over three years, Sir.” Replied Sirene.

“First command or you did Squadron Command before that?” Quized Colonel Hoister.

“Two Years as Squadron CO, Five as XO and before that I was Flight lead at the beginning of my career. I was SOL accelerate Officer sir.” Sirene replied again.

“Yes, you were and promoted to Captain within the first year after arriving in SP not just because of that program but because of your abilities.” Colonel Hoster move closer to Sirene. Even though he was in in sixties he looked damn fine and that was before accounting for the anti ageing medicine everyone used to extend life span. So for being double Sirene’s age and was her type. Tall for earthing at 6’5” meaning he would had had frame to match his height. Maybe in different life they might gotten to know each other. Not this one… or she thought.

“You read my file. Very flattering indeed.” Sirene pretended to be humble.

“I did and no one moves up in SP unless they have a something driving at personal level. Most people I know who signed up back in my day from the academy never got far or never got through the SP tests. It was the outsiders that HR hired or academy odd balls that I thought never would make it that shot up the ranks along with me. SP has always been about results, not following strict CoC or rules. It seems like me you learned that early on and even though you do not seem to verbal agree with this your commands and actions do show otherwise both of us would not be here right now.”

“You could say that Sir but what does this have to do with this operation. I have done 20 black Investigative arm raids before 11 in this command alone. 3 Elimination Arm raids. 6 KOS Raids. Over 1000 Missions with live combat fire in space, space to air, air to air, and air to ground support or attack or cover roles. If I am lacking in experience or training for this type of mission please tell sir because I am missing something important. I should know it, NOW.” Sirene finished her piece and tried to read this man. He was not giving any hints and she did not enjoy being strung out chasing information.

“Sirene, Is it alright call you that?” Asked Colonel Hoster

“Most of my friends call me Sing but if you want, yes you may call me Sirene sir.” Replied Sirene not sure what to say beyond giving a simple response.

“Sirene, do not lose yourself in trying to make up for past. I know that drive come from time you had no power and you are trying to make up for not having control then. The thing is you never really have control just more options in how you react.” He spoke as brother or equal in cautionary tone.

“You did not need to bring that up.” her voice hissed.

“I see. Still, I will leave with something else. He moved in staring her straight in the eyes before she was surprised he sent nano-nero message.

‘If you ever want to talk I will have my line open. Sirene, your strong but pure strength is not always enough do not bite off more than you can chew. Anyways sorry for indulging me and good afternoon.’ He winked at her and walked off right before Admiral Fraser came in the room and began issuing orders.

“Is the Battle Squadron ready to go and ETA on arrival?” She asked.

“Ma’am they are 5 minute ahead schedule, 2 Light years in front of the main formation heading Relative 82 degrees, deep at 30 degree relative speed to us is 1.5 LPDs and going to drop on target in 15 minutes.” Replied FTC tactical AI.

“Prepare final orders package and send a data burst once compressed” ordered Admiral Fraser

“Done, will arrive in 10 minutes due hyperspace doppler effect and fleet and Battle Squadron’s current acceleration.” Said FTC Tac AI.

“Give me fleet wide coms of the main formation.” She order one of the FTC coms personnel

“Done ma’am.” He replied and ships PA and AR systems across the fleet alerted that the Admiral was going to speak.

“I am going to make this brief. In 14 minutes we will begin hostiles against Varnos SDF forces. We all know why we are here it’s to get persons responsible for the alpha level nano tech leak in SOL and those who would be threaten earth and stability of the Galaxy at large.

“Pax in Terra,” She said and across the fleet she heard the reply.

“Pacem in Spatii!” Echoed everyone in the room including Sirene and across the fleet.

“For the peace of Earth we will fight.”

“And for the the peace of space we will die!” Echoed the fleet again booming back.

“May the light of SOL guide us.” She cried

“And for the glory of the stars we will win.” Chanted the fleet in reply

“Pax SP!” finished the Fleet

“Pacem in Spatii and may fates of the galaxy be on our side.” returned Admiral Fraser.

Each ship in the fleet was quiet. Members of SP knew this war cry from training or induction but to hear it used not for formal situation but for an operation means a lot different. SP was going to war, not raid, not sector lockdown but war. Admiral Frasier message was received clearly. People could and will die in the coming days. So may their souls die in peace and for something.

13 minutes later. Deep Space Relative Western edge of Varnos Sector, 150 Light years from border.

Zero G was getting to Michal. Even though these com relay outposts only needed no one on board The Varnos Corp still had them manned. They were short durations of two weeks but he was losing his mind already after six days.

Com info from the other relays from twins had been cut off for over two day now and it was getting boring when your only contact with outside world was with colony that praised its leaders blindly. He was not naive as most being born on Chrital near SOL. The Varnos family was like any other Royalty Corp Family. They did some good, some bad but mostly were human as the rest. He was out here for the money of pay in the SDF since it paid better than most merc outfits and unlike Earth Militaries had far less risk of getting involved in shady shit or so he thought before he dug too deep.

Maybe this post was his punishment for to research on his love interest and stumble into some intranet data storage files that should not have existed. What he had seen shocked him. It was the listing of movement SDF personnel. The SDF had been hiring so much of late was to cover vacancies from reorganization of personnel and they were being moved to something. Orbital defense platforms, new space stations or even warships? But those new posting did sound like ship names. Nah, the cost of them was too much but they were going somewhere at it was enough to field a small army or man a decently sized fleet. A Earth Nation Fleet Sized fleet really.

“Alert Hypewaves detected, Multiple signatures.” Michael shook off his despairing thoughts and looked at the holo screen. Maybe someone was being sent to explain why the hyperwave coms were cut off or early relief.

“Give me source direction and if possible class of signatures.” He asked the Stations AI.

“They are on heading from twin planets in R deep angle down towards station. Class of signatures is unknown not enough data. Sweeping again. Confirming class signature is.— Alert targets have left hyperspace” He sat for moment floating above his chair. Then it dawned on him these signatures just arrived on his doorstep at break neck speed and only two kinds of ships did that. Currier Ships or Warships.

“Scan now active radar and close range hyper radar Where are the signatures?” Michael bit his lip. He had seen this once before in his career and it had not ended well.

“Alert twelve alpha class ships are detected. Alert Incoming missile fire. Alert sensors jammed and multiple incoming kinetic energy waves detected. Impact in 10 seconds.”

“Send all data of the last 10 minutes in data burst towards the Davidson’s Pull and purge black box and sent it towards last order destination. Also send on personal message to Xira. ‘I love you.’” Michael yelled as he brought up the defensive network. The PDLs of the station could handle some of the incoming missiles but he felt the shudder as the station was impacted from kinetic bolt fire. In only 30 second after contact with the bogies he knew with what he was dealing with as one by one the PDL’s Turrets were sniped straight through the stations shields by Kinetic Bolts. Only one force in all of known space had disruptor bolts that could always pierce through almost any shields except the latest issued to earth nations navies. SP was that force.

“Why, Why did you come out here?” He screamed then put his hand in front of his face as he felt sudden heat wave blast at him. A blinding blue light burst through the bulkhead and punched through station to the other side missing Michael by three meters though his skin boiled and hair singed from the heat of plasma atmosphere outlined where the massive kinetic bolt had just flown by. The air cooled instantly back to gas state only to be sucked out into the vacuum of space with Michael carried along with it. His last thoughts were peaceful as darkness entered his mind before another light, purple this time blasted into him, then through him with pink dust floating away where he once was after the laser stopped firing.

The station was slag in minutes from steady heavy laser fire and a few well placed nuclear missiles, but it followed the last issued orders to the best of its cripple abilities, sending Hyperwave data burst and launching the black box capsule which jumped out before it was found. Still SP Battle Squadron had done its job and the first kill of many had be committed.


Sorry its been a long time since I posted. I have a lot more written that should have posted. XD. I will give you guys and gals a Bi-weekly posting from the backlog I have. Comment, Note failures of all kinds and enjoy steady content. Also Here is First Chapter.    Also Previous Chapter if you need to get refreshed.

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