What is Unknown? – A Response to the Arrival Movie

Mankind has many unknowns it deals with everyday.

“Is today my day to die? Am I going to make the bills? What will happen to me? Etc…”

What if we are all asking the wrong questions? What if the Unknown is the Known. Just not yet for us. A man cannot ask a question he has no words for yet he can know that unknown is there. Out somewhere. The bible says its the Glory of Kings to find what God has hidden but its also hitting at the hidden will be found.

Arrival as a movie asked questions of its viewers yet also gave a response. It was asking and telling. Humans were in extraordinary circumstances yet following the classic Sci Fi trope it was about what we did that mattered not the aliens.

I will leave with this. What is the unknown you know. Its there. The truth is in the mist. You can learn from knowing what you don’t. You just have to accept it that it is true and it will set you free.

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