SP World Building: The Big Four Alliance

From VR Documentary by the Acalamed Political and Military Historian Duo of 27th century, Michal Verskin and Dmitri Bartod

“The House of Unlikely Frenemies: Story of the Big Four Alliance.”

Camera pans to show the earth as Michael Verskin begins narration.

“Humanity skecism are likely to be with us to the end of times. But what is always surprising is when some how the most improbable friendships begin and some how both parties state together even though their past histories would suggest attempts back stabbing any second. Given the chance.”

View pauses over the pacific rim highlighting Russia, Korea, Japan, China and the USAR while Dmitri slightly Russian accented English narration takes over.

“These five parties histories for most of the past milium since the 1900s would never have hinted at the possible alliance. Yes the former USA did have friendly relationship with 20th and 21st century South Korea and Japan but those to latter countries hated each far longer than the former had ever existed as a nation. Then you throw in the 20th Cold war of USA vs USSR, 21st frenemy Space Race/Cold War 2.0, China vs USA South China Sea hegemonic spats for the first half of 21st and then Pacific Rim Cold War of USA, Korea and Japan vs Russia and China that turned into the 22nd Century SOL Interstellar Cold War.”

3D images of propaganda from each era was shown in every tongue adding and keeping up as Dmitri continued.

“That FTL was discovered 23rd century might have saved us from the build up of each sides military arms and early fleets but we are to speed up to the 26th century where the word improbable does not describe what happened.”

Michael appeared in front of the viewer walking some how on the nebula in front of him.

“At this point we can understand why our current partners were to say the least not very accommodating of each others existence yet the realty they shared and crossed developed most of today fundamental space tech is probably why there was ever possiablity for the alliance in the first place. You see dear viewer even late in the cold war the former USA and USSR were help each other space programs. IE even with oppositions elsewhere in their goverment and in the case of the Japanese and Koreans People them self hating each other for pre 21st crimes. Their trade and cross development of spaces technologies from advanced robotics, nanites, SLIME shielding, advance composites and numerous other industries necessary for our current space travel was mostly developed and pushed between these nations. There was other nations across earth that influence or some cases had amazing breakthrough in the cause of IDNKs Hyperdrive and 5th dimension tech but the majority space travel breakthroughs came from those five nations laying the groundwork for the improbable relationship we see today though still somewhat shaky.

Early test of rockets were shown while other videos of the first jumps as the pure excitement of some ground crews could be seen up close they broke history. Or the first earth like worlds shown off.

“Takaven” Dimtri strode up “That planet has much to do with the big four as does SP but due concentration of this episode we are going to focus mostly on the SOL side Takaven formation wars and how a few years earlier the stage was set.” Camera pans to deep space before ships jumps out hyperspace and slowly comes out of the transition whole only to have two other ships come out on top of it opening fire.

“Piracy. Never was much of an issue in the non FTL days of SOL when you had warships in the hundreds playing wargames with each other. It was only in the 24th and 25th centuries it slowly spiraled out of control. You see with prices of making starship crashing through the floor plus many other earth nations wanting to stab at each other from the shadows at their merchant fleets led to a exponential increase of piracy. Now normally a Pirate would need to off load their hull and the times before Takaven it was in mostly dead non used systems they would park their hall and then slowly lander it back into the SOL Market but Takaven both sector wide and in the system was the first earth like planet that was able to be decent black market for ill gotten goods.”

Vids of ships being boarded or assaulted then overall galmap showing the laundering routes was streamed with dates showing how fast the network grew and its epidemic levels increase around Takaven only in two years.

“By the time the word had gotten to SOL what Takaven was up too upwards of 50% of shipments bound towards SOL were being taken hostage and skimmed. Some estimate at the that 20% off all shiping goods in the between 2504-2508 were being sent to Takaven thanks to piracy. That our dear view was where the victor history is different from the real history. Most people think the privateering/piracy happened AFTER coup d’état that formed the current Takaven goverment. Thing is nothing happens in a vacuum the privateeering that would happen later but truth most history records will not mention was the piracy industry of Takaven was already up and running  just two years after the world was discovered in 2500.”

Dates are shown when the system was first Takaven was first discovered news feeds and about the planetary gold rush.

“This the unexplained factor of why the rebellions happened so quickly was even though multiple different Earth nations including China, Russia and USAR were sending weapons and Special Ops trainers to fuel the rebellion and provide support only lead to the back stabbing that happened because the certain pirate leader name Britch Lowstar had other plans.”

Floating holopic showed a lanky brownhair almost greywhite eyed middle aged chiseled man dressed in brown pants with two pistol hostlers on either hip and with dirty light blue jacket standing proudly. Michael walked up beside him and began.

“For the sake of time we can’t go fully into this fascinating leader, rebel, and pirate. but I will used him in contrast of what we could say the main geinous behind the big four alliance and their twenty year feud”

Another Holopic appeared to the right of Micheal this being a slighter younger man than the last with dark red hair and blue eye stare that could stab through your existence. He was in a dress USAR Naval Uniform with holo rank above his shoulder denoting with eagle that he was Captain. Michael walked around and continued.

“Captain Charles “High” Walker.  This man was part of the gang twelve. A group officers from USARN, RSN, PLASN, JSSDF, ROKSN that were able guide their nations towards the Big Four Alliance.

End of part One of the Big Four Alliance Historical holo log



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