The Varnos Front War: Excerpt

Forgive the rough stage and this might be changed but I kind of thought it was time to let a little more out of the bag. This blog is about two things Sci-fi world building/trope and the SP universe. So you should see more steady article or info drops in the coming weeks. Hopefully I will see you next week with some new. Any ways enjoy (Image By Grzegorz Rutkowski. Copy Right for image is his)


HyperSpace, 400 Light years from Davidson pull, Heading relative Orion east super deep, Current FTL velocity 73.237 LPDs,Shuttle AIN, Captain’s personal room.


Zava was floating eyes close while mulling over the recent drone reports from the other Investigation Arm teams in the sector. Most of the Arm in this raid knew some teams had been out here for awhile watching the Varnos Corp but at the same time most of them did not know how deep a few teams had gone to the belly of the sector.   


The thing was about hyperspace navigation was the farther out from knowspace or charted lanes you went the less want to have multiple systems-that you could barely see in hyperspace- around you with potential Oort clouds making literal l one to as large as four lightyear spherical hazard zones for high vecotice FTL objects. Shields ratings for FTL were how much your ship could in a glancing blow of equal mass object at whatever the velocity rating was for ship. Zavs shuttle was rated for 150 LPDs but given there was a lot space junk that held more mass than Darky Deep Hyperspace Shuttle that did mean too much.

To sum up the simple rules of hyperspace navigation: One do not go into the Arm, Two if you have to come from from the GAP(from above the arm), Three use hyperprobs to make damn sure that route into as system is clear.


So far Zava’s team had violated ONE two and soon probably three. The hyperprobs  were pretty good at sweeping for potential hazards and threats but even if you had every charted star on a map there was blind spots unknowns of each system had that hiding in space was hard as a ship but on a planet,roid belt, low altitude in gas giants and not to mention holographic and cloaking tech well… the job got a lot harder to find where the Varnos leaders might be hiding.


Zava decided to read her real orders now. All the conditions had been met and finally she was out of oversite watch from Officer Chainson. She opened her eyes push off the panel above her and mid air grabbing a hand hold on her fold out bed to slow down the momentum and pivot/spin towards the door of her room and down the hall to the cockpit. Once there POC Wright turn great her enter the room as hatch spun then swung open automatically.


“Hey, Zav still up?” He was a large man at 6’7” and muscles dwarfing the usually big pilot seat.


“Something like that, more of you want off?” She gave him the eye that he probably should go with this.


“Ummm, Sure.” He got out of the chair floating towards her while grinning “STiM. Captain has the conn”


“Understood. Captain you have conn.” The AI replied in certain southern male drawl that Zava was sure based off of wrights voice profile.


“Have good night Zav and don’t let the space bugs bite.” He joked as he floated out of the room and the hatch closed behind him.


“Baka.” Zava swore he always was trying to make her smile but back to previous objectives. “Lock down for secure comms. Confirm with tone.”


The air room quite the ship were cruising in hyperspace so the thrusters and reactor were idle were already on heading to their next exit. A few seconds later slight beep emanated that the AI completed order.


“Open High Command Direct Orders 24156.9446.” She pushed off ceiling while waiting and floating downwards


“Unauthorized request.”


She zipped to a the Nav Console that was behind and to the left of the two pilot seats imputed some commands then spoke




“Authorizeaf.a.arelwl…..Wellcome Agent Zava. Time is Short” A hologram appeared showing a middle aged man that was standing before her as the the room lights dimmed.


“If you opened this then conditions have been met and it’s time to tell you what we really are here. For one it’s not the priority Zero targets. Right now I have my suspicions that the varnos corp was really even able to pull of a heist of alpha nano tech from one of the most secure facilities on earth. Only a intel agency of one the super nation states or a few corporations could pull that off leading me to believe there was some collusion or an outside factor is at play.”


Zava crossed her legs as she floated by the man’s project as she contemplated where he was going with this. The whole sector RAID was a cover up for something else. She knew that most of IA knew that too. The Nano Tech was the excuse but what the man was saying it was some other party was involved. An unknown… Enemy? There was those rumors from deep space navigators that some or something was out there but that the HE was considering this option. Something had to be going on.


“Truth is the Varnos corp has no ability to build a fleet beyond a hundred destroyers. Lol, if that was even likely.” He paused for moment as hologram tracked her slow vector and match it with it still faces towards her.


“What I am worried about is, there hiring sprees was large enough to field a fleet of up five hundred warships. Thing is you were not the first team I sent in this sector. When the first news of the leak happened IA and High Command scrambled multiple high level teams along projected leakage routes. I was able to get a few of our teams into the varnos sector towards where it was most likely a hand off position for say a third party could be to turn over the data. At the time I was sure some organized crime group or one of the royalty corp families was playing bait switch with SP so that they could develop non legal nanotech assets. I was wrong.”


Jet black hair float around Zava’s head as a each hydra end shaped a halo. As she slowly rotated to be relatively upside down to the hologram, her mind concerned held each word he said with great importance. SP always knew what was going in space. That he implied SP did not know what going would deeply disturb most of the High Command Agency and High Command. But that He didn’t know….that held morbid fascination for Zava as she swallowed some of the building saliva in her mouth. A true unknown.


“What you need to know is this one of the teams found a system that I concur, along with that team’s Captain, is the likely drop off/rally point for Varnos Corp SDF and who ever they are making their deal with. I need you find if you can still intercept data, it has some malware that corp that was raide kindly let US have access to its sourcing software. It has already been uploaded to your shuttle’s systems along with the nav coordinates and updated charts. This is going to take to edge of charted space on the deepest part of the sector so good luck.”


The man paused about to cutting the recording before saying one more thing. “If comes to between getting the data or surviving. I will leave that decision up to you. I have no idea what is going on, girl. No bloody idea.” The hologram disappeared right as his Last words left his lips and the ship’s lighting returned to normal.


Zava rotated a few more times in the quiet  still in her cross-legged before pushing off the back wall of the cockpit.


“Well then.” she mused as she slipped into the pilot’s seat and began to cue up the new coordinates. A malicious glint appeared in Zava’s eyes as she issued the acceleration warning for the ship.


“Time to Hunt.”

(Image By Grzegorz Rutkowski. Copy Right for image is his)




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