You Got to be Cautiously Optimistic-Or more freedom is not free.

We are in changing period of humanity probably one of the defining moments of man kind. Will we take the rational logical route that has drag up this far or will we let dreams, blood and sweat of dreamers, philosophers, and warriors fought for the world fall of into the black hole of waste.

A few things that you can hate/disagree with me all you want about but are the realty is: The Western world IS the modern world and if it dies so does any hope for freedom. Most of human history is has been summed as exploiters vs makers. Only the west had the enlightenment that its a debate was the same as the old Greeks and early Romans: There is absolute TRUTH and you can find it by empirical based logic.

There is absolute TRUTH and you can find it by empirical based logic.

The sad thing is most of the 20th century has been the destruction of this idea in its homelands of Europe and America. There is any number of explanations but the results are the same. You have millions of kids with no fathers, a point less war on drugs and poverty leading to more of both, an indoctrination system that somehow educates between programming but more and more the true animal shows through and does not even want kids to learn, and worst of all a public that believes democracy is freedom when its mob rule with a pen or is totally ignored by the growing new corporate oligarchy that really just replace the aristocracy of old.

Welcome to the Hell you never knew you were in.

Freedom has never been only the dilution. Its never truly been our realty yet if we do not fight for it the future children will never understand what it is.

“So come on emp, why you going down this silly route. I though you were a doing this for science fiction blog for Space Opera novel.” A few will ask. Its true I started this place for that and its still part of its purpose but there is real events going that have to be talked about. Right now a choice is being offed the peoples of the western world. Its to either keep building on the forefathers principles that rocketed it to the top of the world, or outright rejections the ideas of enlightenment. That is why I the SP Universe is so important to me I hope to anyone that reads its works (I have more than one I am working or planing on.)

Its more of mirror of the chooses we make for freedom or against it everyday. Is the use of  force as an aggressor EVER right. Can humanity ever not be ruled by those who are deemed worthy what ever method that might be (nobility, ability, intelligence, or heck even breed for the purpose of ruling man.) Is their such a thing stateless society or are we curse to fight forever over the power to control another by the sword? Can a man ever be trusted to rule when he barley can rule him self or worst of all will be build a system to rule US with out humans and it might keep man kind more safe and happy than any freedom we ever thought. Insert Brave New World or the more recent Psycho pass. You think you can survive with when free thought leads the system thinks your too problematic

You might pray to see this.



But I am sure most of us will find are eyes staring at this in our last moments if we ever forget freedom is not free. It has a cost and are you willing to pay it?


I do think we will get past this era but some blood is going to be spilled and I you better make peace soon because your going to have to decide. Are you truly free or are in just dream that you are.




Because that what we all are in…. see you on the next jump because I still have more to happy things to say.

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