SP Universe Influnces-All hail the Corporate Royalty

Evolution, Natural Section, Breeding, Hybridization, Genetic Engineering.

All of this areas have same two themes running through them: Preserve DNA for another generation and why it changes for the betterment of its carrier or the to the detriment.


Opened man kind up to the possiablity that all life had to adapt to survive.

Natural Section

Clarifies how nature put pressures to modify DNA between generations and with the recent understanding of epigenetics how they can be influence with the life time DNA carrier.

Breeding: a simple concept we understood, before even  previous two concepts were tested and studyed, man grasped the how to breed plants and animals for what we wanted leading to..


Maize, or what most of the USA calls corn was closer to very rough looking wheat yet through general breeding pressures from farmer it was slowly turned into the cob we know today except methods used to breed pre 1920s were slow reducing yields until in the 1920s and 1930s an new technique that forces inbred lines corn to bread creating a hybrid that in simplified terms much stronger than any normal open breed corn leading to rapid increases in yields and the vast majority of farmers switching over with in years of the practice being popularized but all of this was just a lead up to what we have been just beginning.

Genetic Engineering.

Well come to the war going on right now for the future of man kind. Its not going to be fought with force and men but with test tubes and babies. One of the many unsettling truths set forward in the Bell Curve by Richard J Herrnstein and Charles Murray is IQ is mostly genetic and that means if we could find the genes make people smarter you could rapidly make a class of smarter people consistently. While the west still had qualms about even talking about the difference between humans due to gene China is going full steam ahead chasing not theoretical but know potential of what Genetic Engineering could do for all of man.  

We are entering a war for the next type of man. No one knows how it will turn out but this being a Sci-Fi blog for theoretical future. I will take use down what few dare to even thing about.

Today their is a new elite of peoples that are first time rich. 70% of billionaires are first timers and america has an old saying about the fluctuation wealth. “From shirtsleeves to shirtsleeves in 3 generations” Simplifying again a complex topic like no one but a sci-fi novelist dare try it means wealth will due to better intelligence and hard work will be lost by the grandchildren of the the ones the laid the ground work for their children to become wealthy. Look at the children of all of the majors billionaire names they might be sent the best schools might be still rich but they are on average over shadowed by the parents by such a degree they there children will fall back to the former lower classes. We will have only one Warren Buffet not a lineage thanks some what the regression to the mean for IQs means the children of newly wealthy are not likely to maintain that wealth. This is good in a free market will churn out wealth around and give it to the next Elon Musk or Edison which will put it to good use for all humanity then again we have a tendency to break negative feed back loops and nature counter balances.

No one will talk about it but humanity has broken natural section forces on its self. When the Average life expectancy was 35 in the 1700s mostly due to the young die off so offend they never made to adulthood. In practical sense this means the ones alive were the most fit and were mostly to pass on genes improving the next generation. But through the 1800s and early 1900s we broke nature grip and freed man from both the natures habit of constant killing of us but also from pressures that evolved us to that point. To put it bluntly the Eugenicists got it right: Humanity is regressing mentally and physical at this point on average meaning we are sliding backwards genetically. Now this is where is gets purely horrifying or for me its the history of man kind by 2784.

Once Genetic engineering is on the table(and it is once the west ethics  disappear when money is to be made)  and I mean you can choose your child’s hair color along with genetic mix more likely to keep your child healthy, strong and smart. A new race or super class will be made. It will be the Corporate Royalty- an elite of people both smarter and better positioned than the rest of us, a true aristocracy that is not just bloodlines but families that are in their own leagues of mentally and economical weight they pull.

Now for my sake I have the nanotech that makes it possible to do these modifications and genetics engineering take a hundred or two hundreds years to reach critical mass mostly due to every time we make vast extremely abusable tech we seem go really far then pull back. (Look at Nuclear reactors and even though we have logical science its safe and the best option by far[partially thorium salt based ones]  the fear of abuse both some what real but mostly fake have slowed the potential uses this tech dramatically from what we used to think we would have done by now. (Cough, no need for carbon based fuels to power the grid, cough.) 

But still in the SP universe humanity is divide not on ethnic lines anymore (well politics is but when is not used for something non productive.) but between the Corporate Royalty that hold vast sweeps space and huge vaults of money and probably most importantly connections vs the children of the first waves of brilliant explores and settlers of know space now genetically behind in every way compared to the earthling and the Corporate Royal counter parts. We have seen this before the evil rich vs the good poor trope that personally is annoying and inaccurate at best but what if the trope was turned on its head that the below average workers vs the always superior owners that could beat them in EVERYTHING. What would this this do to you knowing that you would never be let allowed to live on earth again because you were genetically unfit and also to adapted to space colonies for multiple generations. You could only visit and feel out of place as you visited the homeworld but those who came from SOL could live fine in space or the other earth like world due to their genetic advantage on top of everything else they had. What would that do societies? Personally, I do not know but at least want to ask it and try to answer it.

Corporate Royalty for the SP universe the question what would you do when have no edge, your boss is superior and could do your job better than you could dream and the higher class will never be attainable for your children. Do you fight physically only to have hammer of the law come down? Do you Accept the role of the peasants and be loyal to those who are merciful? Do you try to hold on to your world that the Corporate Royalty or the Powers of earth deem theirs? Maybe the scariest thought is this class of man would never really comprehend what had happened to them only be shocked and mad they were their.

And if you were an earthling or the Corporate Royalty daughter or son  going to colonies and new worlds what would you do? Would you exploit them for because they could not be anything more than the low classes they are or try to protect them from those that would? Would you take the look the connies gave you as respect or fear or hate? Would you crush those that would try hurt you  or show mercy?  Would you even want to talk to them?

Thanks for reading. This theme is a huge part of the background for the SP Universe and these extremes of class are only bookends on the spectrum characters that I am currently writing about or could be in the universe. Also Corporate Royalty and Earthlings are pretty close genetically the major difference is house of birth and connections but if you born on earth you usually are pretty damn well off in the SP universe.



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