Apirl’s Fools-a Glance at the horrifying real world.

The average person you meet is nice guy. Maybe full of their ego and self adsorbed but if really connect with them they are not that much different than you, another passenger on road of life. However we have things, places, entities we call trustworthy, reliable, correct when the truth of the matter is this simple.


That random person you meet you probably would not trust with much even though given enough time he would probably become worth hanging around with possibility of being decent acquaintance but you would filter the information still you got from him on what ever topic it was unless he was proven right multiple times and never steered you wrong on some subjects you conversed were willing to talk about. Yet put the name doctor, PHD, or one of the Alphabet agency of the government or new corp in front of random information you gather from them then your filter off.

You forget to question facts of questionable drug because a doctor reported it was fine.

You forget to see the bold lies those in power because an agency said so and they never cover up anything. EVER.

You forget ask for the source data because the PHD already gave the conclusion of the facts. Even though you can’t get the data check his conclusion wasn’t a manipulated.

And most of all you forget to question the news because who would lie. Its not like they are owned by someone with a invested interest in keeping you misinformed is more important than even profits.

April’s Fools is the day everyone views the real world of news and info spewed at them for what it is: Shit with a little bits of truth wrapped in shiny some times hilarious packaging.

Just remember. Every day is really April’s Fools and April’s Fools is the only day

We really see the truth.

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