Understanding The Worlds Of Sci Fi

Sorry it has been a while but been buckling down trying to get rough draft done of the Varnos Front- That is probably going to be Subtitle at this point. I want to used this place to more of give an idea of what IE of what the SP universe and more of why love Sci Fi worlds that captive me, partially space, no matter what medium it is.

It seems as with all sci-fi fans my age(below 40) I had to start some where with one of the big two classics:Star Trek or Star Wars. Really who has not seen them or knows of their impacts of millions of young minds. Both of those surely forever changed my view of realty and what might be possible. Still back on topic, my uncle dropped the original Star Wars on my 7 year old brain and was screwed to forever desire more from Sci-Fi, Space Opera in particular.Blue planet

SP universe unabashedly started as Buck Rogers and Star Trek Original knock off. Though it was my own character and his own small ship: You know forumula, find strange new world, Save the day or planet or galaxy. I was lost in my own world and feel many people read, watch or play video games to do the same as I was be lost in this extraordinary place. I know why still watch shows: Black Matter, The Expanse, Ghost in the Shell: Arise, and play games: TitanFall and Black Ops 3(it had a good campaign) or read the Sci Fi books: Illuminae, more of the Expanse series and The Daemon. Its to see worlds that might just be but for me already have one rattling around in my head.

What makes fans,readers and players care about Sci worlds is that they are real. You know how some might act in that world and that is because the writers, artist and programmers give you enough reason to care. You understand how the average or at least the main charterers deal with daily life implied out of your view through the chosen medium.  I really do dread those to put to much weight on suspension of disbelief. Video games can be most guilty of this but I know it ruined one to many show for me or book when they mess up on one little term or this little fact.

ED horzon

The truth is author job is to make the world and give enough of it that the reader’s mind can fill in the blanks from foundation info provided. That is my personal definition of suspension of disbelief and is fundamental part of SP universe. It does not mean I broke the rules of physics a few times… which I did but internal logic must hold or what I have built will not stand. Go look at RingWorld, way out their hard sci fi opera. Larry Niven universe is real. It has it rules and it follows those rules but the possibilities in there endless given the books he has put in the Known Space Universe.

For me this SP Universe that has haunted me, entertained me more than any other and grown up with me. It is real. It is out there….. my job like all good authors is to send you through the StarGate to that place so when you make it back you might just dial again.

Star Gate

Thanks for your Time and when I get around to it some time I will give at least a spoiler free timeline to the Date 2784 A.D. Cause there is some history to talk about… a lot.


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