“If I Only I Understood More.” Chapter Three of the Varnos Front War.

Location: Carrier Never Zero, Hanger Decks.

Current Hyperspace Velocity: 53 Light Years Per Day(L.P.Ds) and increasing.

Heading: Towards Relative Western Edge of Varnos Sector.

ETA: Pending.

Date: 2784.2.18.2159.05

“Local time is 10:59 am here on the lovely UN HQ artificial island of Mother Terra the middle of the pacific ocean as we are waiting for the opening of the 384th UN Security Council on Space and Interstellar trade and law Under the International Space Law treaty of 2291 and UN ANTI Space Crime and Space Piracy Treaty in 2524.” spoke a male Japanese reporter in Hawaiian shirt and khaki shorts. Then the camera panned to the left.

“So Masao what do you personally think of the rumors that this session has surprise vote for International Interstellar Deep Space Police that are asking for General Warrant?”

Asked lithe tanned Caucasian woman in in semi transparent red sundress with blue bikini underneath that was slowly shifting colors. The camera switched back to Masao.

“Well, I have asked a lot of people and all my contacts have said they do not know what exactly is being asked by SP though the generally is confirmed that fit the description of some sort of warrant request that too controversial for the SOL Interstellar Courts. Tinra know you do have the beat of the net traffic what is the rumors or general talking points?” He said turning back to Tinra as her was dress was shifting a peach color and  bikini now counter green to that.

“Beside the general conspiracy rumors there seems to be two legit points that I am seeing on my dive.” Her sharp yellow eyes seemed far away for nanosecond then snapped back to focus on the camera.

“They are that SP has found found legal grounds to chase down into persons involved outside of SOL on Class Alpha Nanotech leak about two months ago thought this rumor too but confirmed by anon source that have credibility on the net.”

Masao picked up from there “So they need authority because it some area that SP does not have authority under the treaty. Where is they cannot go beside Earth and Solar system? ” Tinra nodded and answered

“No one really has any credible theory, it’s all pure rumor at this point. Some think it’s Takaven but that is mostly pushed by naive of Galactic History, most of the other proposed sites are in the Colony Route Sectors or the private systems owned by the mining/prospecting corps or star cruise corps.

There is one rumor that sticks out above the rest is that the Varnos Sector might be target due being outside SP power but most interesting one but even some anon alias governmental debaters have weighed even though that SP can ask for the power for General Warrant of non treaty sector of space it HIGHLY unlikely that it will be approved, if it is the Varnos sector, due both the political realities of such a request and the that SP also doesn’t have that kind logistical reach to its broad scope and areas of patrol”

Blared the fixed monitor in front all the personnel in Bitch’s Mane’s crash benches, series of crash couches connected, in front of the unit.

“This bitch is full of herself—*hunggg* a 6G surge through the ship shut up one SGTs of the few seats to the left Sirene before the internal dampers of the crash benches caught up. It was very expensive to apply internal dampers everywhere on bigger ships so most just made mission vital rooms like CIC and bridge  or even small areas around and under crash benches shave off costs implementing them. Sirene would have agreed airman’s comment the but the past 17+ hours of constant acceleration more made her moody again along with yesterday’s events. Add to that having to wake up at 0400 Zulu with everyone and dressed in light flight suits for the hyperspace acceleration maneuvers.

A common SP and Earth National Fleets tactic was to jump into hyperspace but since all ships, battle groups or fleets are only 2C Velocity after the jump to hyperspace they would be then go find a certain pattern of star and planet sized gravity wells swing around them in an ever increasing spiral, with engines constantly burning to build up cruising FTL speeds like to upwards of 40 light years per day. If done right, and no accidents, this allowed forces to be highly reactive to enemy movements instead of lagging due to being behind the acceleration curve though as noted earlier it had risks if solar flares, uncharted asteroids and constant strain engine because continuous burns at the higher speeds to stay on course.

The monitor continued the delayed transmission that was surprisingly behind its original broadcast time on earth by only hour.

“So we really are going to wait on the start of the session to see what is the SP Representative is going to ask and what proof they will show have already behind doors shown the Representatives of the UN.” Masao finished where Tinra left off. The dress again and bikini had started to shift colors again this time to copper with the silver of the bikini leaking through the semi transparent nanoink fabric.

“Well Masao it looks like the session is beginning we are going to show the live feed here and like alway watch the Earth and SOL sms by Mars Solar Media to see the feedback system wide.”

The screen faded into over head view of the UN still the horseshoe set up for the National Representatives to sit around though much bigger than the original 20th century version. Now sized up to now to be able to hold almost 100 members of which 30 were permanent members including two corporations. One being Thompson Energy Co holders of the ever coveted Thompson energy convert data that yet to this day had be successfully reversed engineered since making fusion power cheap in 2214  and IDNK HyperSpace Institute founded by the inventor of hyperspace tech and SLIM Shields that are vital to FTL travel as we know it.

“This Meeting of 384th UN Security Council on Space and Interstellar trade is now in order.” The UN Chairman voice boomed across the camber.

“First order of business is the IID SPs Request to have general warrant over sector of space not covered by the treaty. We will have the SP Representative state his case now.”

The Chairman stepped down and let the SP representative take his place in the open gap of the horseshoe table. Text followed below streaming SMS feeds all across SOL. While the people who would be interested what sector of space was small niche it still was millions across system and many that would care if not start forewarning certain parties.

That’s if we have not already locked down the hyperwave relays. Sirene knew they had very little time now they were getting one hour delayed transmission thanks to SP’s private internal hyperwave relays but if the the relays connecting to the Varnos sector were probably already shut out they had about twos days before other backups or just being cut off from the rest of know space would spook the higher ups in Varnos Sector. SP was already racing the clock and they had yet to move forces into the sector.

He better be good cause my butt is riding on his presentation. Sirene glared at the screen as the SP Representative, another SP High Command Agent this time dressed in classical 21st western military dress uniform, began his speech

“Gentlemen and Ladies of the United Nations of Earth and the Solar system I am here to request General Warrant lasting one month to enter the Varnos Sector due Sky City Nano Tech leak of Alpha Class that happened two months ago.”

Text scrolled across the lower part of the monitor highlighting trending SMS posts from all across SOL ranging from ‘I knew it!’ to ‘Are they that stupid?’  

Sirene and the rest of the fleet 2nd Mobile fleet under Admiral Frasier that was watching this reaction from the their crash couches. Did not all. All anyone cared about right now was that either the go order was handed down if  yes UN Vote or the SP would look stupid for asking for something this outlandish without convincing the UN Representatives first behind scenes. Knowing SP it probably was spur of the moment and some back door negotiations that at least were 24 hours earlier. Still there would be the holdouts and like persons with interests to stop maybe not SP as much as help stick it to the Big Four Nations.

“This request based off the arrests of these individuals” The holo projector in the chamber showed a live feed over twenty men and women in holding cells with various listed charges above their heads. The SP HC Agent continued as UN representatives started to murmur between themselves.

“We have the data packets at each of your terminals to prove their arrests were legitimate and people were involved in the greater conspiracy to build illegal Nano Tech facilities of the kind forbidden by the treaty. Which is why we have ranked a the whole situation as Alpha Class leak requiring instantaneous response.” The Holo Screens showed the tech being related to massive terraforming type of nanorobotics that was heavily regulated and controlled, if not practically forbidden, due to the Grey Cloud incident in 2180 that stopped Mars Terraforming project into it pseudo Terraformed status currently is.” The HC agent was cut off

“This is grab for power and you know it Agent”  Said the fuming representative from Takaven.

“I do not see how that is sir?. We are asking for legitimate powers under the UN ANTI Space Crime and Space Piracy Treaty. Nothing more. ” Said the HC agent not flustered in anyway.

“You are just trying to justify an overreach of SP enforcement power.” Said Takaven Rep.

“No, I am not. This is legitimate threat to SOL security and the safety of human space.” HC Agent voice stressed this point with a bit of annoyance.

“That is the safety of earth corporate bottom lines nothing more is it?” Said Takaven Rep. digging in verbally.

“Sir, you are speaking out of turn and interrupting the SP representative . We are going to have to ask you remember that unlike the SP Rep, your planetary government is in this Security Council on PROBATION. This outburst will be on the official record.  Agent you may continue” Said the Chairman with an air of disdain

He is not our side as much as he hate 2nd Class Humans being full of themselves. *hhunGGG* *hhunG* the high G training grunts were all Sirene could do to stay awake most of the others on this were already blacking due the ever increasing steady Gs, now somewhere around relative 13G, even with the drugs. She was getting pushed deeper into the foam of the couch from the building forces created by engines. They better be speeding up because of an go order.

“Thank you Chairman. I was saying this is Alpha Class Leak with data of the kind that would allow a people to build nano cloud robotics with no Pandora’s Box Limits on them. Meaning Weaponized Grey Goo scenario. We believe that was what this leak was get this in the hands of terrorist and anti SOL factions. As you know the only ways we know to stop a Grey Goo on paper  if anything is infected on full out vaporization. And that is the one best case scenarios. You can read more in the data packet about the possible threats this could have if we do not source where it was intended to go.” The HC Agent stopped to see the crowds reaction.

The UN Representatives were a buzz along with authorized crowd of media and UN staffers or officers allowed be present on the proceedings. The HC agent had hit a cord and he was going to strum it again.

“Everything I have presented should make it clear by now that SP did carefully weigh this request before asking to even come here and that all of you should understand the danger we are trying to prevent to all of human in known space by dealing with it before it spirals out of control. Thank you for your time everyone.” And the HC Agent walked away from stand knowing that the real battle in the chamber had just started.

The Chairman took his cue and spoke “As you can see, in the data packet that SP has provided, we have important agenda item to vote on before anything today. The floor is now open to debate.”

Multiple Holo/AR signals flowed above UN Representatives heads asking for the floor to talk.

The Chairman watch internal SMS debate between the Reps as well. What was going to be said on the floor was only a fraction of the real debate anonymously happening via neuronano links and personal non-verbal AR systems.

“I recognize the Brazil Representative to the floor. You have the floor for 5 minutes sir.”

“Thank you Chairman. I am sure we all understand the threat this situation is to the security of SOL and Earth. Please understand, that I get the idea of how we need to enforce these laws but you also must understand that my country and many other nations and other interests see this as a grab of power by the IID SP. There has never been an request of this nature in the history of SP and if this dire situation as they make it out to be and the data suggests we should be sending a coalition force of all earth navies with SP Investigation Arm support investigation.

These also suggests that SP has capabilities beyond what the Big Four JCOS gave in their last report which would be an outrage since SP is supposed to separate organization from the Big Four’s Militaries. Not another powerful navy of it own-” the brazilian  Representative cut off by the USAR’s(United States of America Republic) representative.

“Chairman, I object to these suggestions that USAR or any Big Four Alliance members have any control over SP beyond the oversight and that we would use it as another fleet force. That FORBIDDEN by the IDD’s SP formation treaty in the section under fleet organization.” She stared across at the Brazil Rep. while the chairman answer.

“Noted but please refrain from such outbursts. I will have to dock your time for this subject by two minutes..” The Chairman turned from the USAR Rep. back to the Brazil Rep. He also saw the SMS stats overlay showed how the votes would fall if cast now. Yes vote was likely but Brazil being permanent member could veto so keep the debate going probably was the best idea for now.

He gave permission for the brazil Rep to finish “Sir, you may continue”

The Brazil Rep nodded, he was unfazed.

“As i was saying this request is outside the normal bounds of any SP request let alone this should have been handled by the SOL Interstellar Courts. If anything I am suggesting is that the UN, here in this room, should weigh why SP is requesting this with very critical eyes. I have myself already looked over the data and it suggest a lot of dire consequences but risks we run if we set a precedent that SP can walk over any beyondre is dangerous if another request comes up like this and also the nature of a General Warrant is vague idea intest self.

Its not something earth democracies should ever consider even if its off world and area not part of the UN. What are we suggesting that the ability to just search until we discover what wanted is justified? That is never something we would allow in SOL let alone in any civilized space. All I request is every representative realize we first can request the Varnos governing body hand over via UN Security Council Resolution the persons of interest to SP and that we can take steps from there. I give back the balance of my time.”

The Chairman nodded and looked at the debate raging on the SMS of the chamber. The splits were there but the Brazilian Rep. had made a point and if he was too suggest along with the rest of members that there was at least few more veto holding Reps that could lead to negative vote. His brow on his face wrinkled for few seconds.

Sirene was watching this all on the monitor, barley though. The med system of the crash couch tried to keep occupants awake but if long durations of high acceleration kept happening the cocktail of drugs would shift to putting the passenger into a deep sleep if they lost consciousness. Sirene was already drifting fast that way if not already following the rest of her squadron in zzzvile. Not yet, NOT FUCKING YET. But her willpower said otherwise. She want to see how upstairs would pull this off if or even intriguing did they have everything planned so well nothing need to be done?

“I recognize the Representative from China. You have five minutes”  The representative nodded to this and began to speak.

“People’s of this chamber and Sol who are watching this I believe need lesson on history of the SP forces and why they are needed.” The SMS feed quieted down.

“We have forgotten, including many in this chamber, that since the beginning of modern space travel there is one simple rule that governs how we operate: Space is death. It will kill you with no mercy if you mess up on the smallest of details or the most major of one. It does not care so long as it is a mistake. We all know too well how fragile humans are on earth which is our cradle but space she is mother nature’s pure raw power uncheck and uncaring.

The people who live out there have always had to quick, smart and willing to do what was needed to survive in deeps of hell and heaven. That the simple things of universe are survival and stopping those forces who threaten it. We must understand that Humans will all be too willing to lessen each others worth when ,out right survival is at stake, to a level that leads to uncheck bloodshed. The IID SP was formed in such a time.

The pirates and criminals of deep space understand that the law of jungle is the law of universe.They know it killed or be killed. Its why before the SP formation only the Big Four Navies were able to stop such elements of raw survival and pure primal humanity. Order is won by force not of totalitarians but by the will of peoples wanting stability and protection from those that would do wrong to future of everyone. Yes too order by force is often if it is bad for humanity but with some order of society, with the threat of violence to those that would do wrong, humanity would never have grown this far.

We in SOL and Earth forget sometimes how much our security and safety is due pure chance of history and how many times we as race almost lost this wonderful world from the 20st century threat of nuclear holocaust with no way to save the planet if it happened to the too the ever constant threats of asteroid that only in the past few hundreds of years have we been able slowly clear the skies around SOL for travel and safety of earth from this ever present threat.

Let alone hyperspace discoverly that handed us the stars could have ended all of us that same day.” The Chair man saw that the China’s rep point were was part of bigger debate around SOLs warped view of the rest of known space.

IE the fact that no one official wanted to say but more of that outside of SOL space the only true law was the weapons on your ship and for that SP was the most effective weapon to keep order out there.

“In deep space people live with less controllable worlds or not even those, with more threats health and welfare than we’ll ever know in SOL it also means that SP has to be able to deal with such people and also to have the freedom to use force to make the threat of Law higher than the threat of death. Piracy only went down because of ruthless pursuit from SP.

We only have to understand some peoples will only always understand the power of the sword over anything else.

SP is that sword from earth nothing else nothing less we have to consider that the persons we are dealing with have no reason to even consider earth as their home anymore sad as it is but that they think due misconceptions that is is it is another threat to their existence.” The Chinese Rep paused for a moment.

The vibe in the room was tense but palpable. The Chairman also noted that the SMS debates had outright stopped. Everyone was listening. Even Sirene had to hand it too that Representative. He could move crowds. Though it was hard to understand anymore of what was being said while slow but steadily losing consciousness.

The Chinese Rep continued at the time the chamber seemed to cry silently for more

“WE have this situation and SP is asking us for the ability to protect us and all humanity once again from the foolish few. We can debate in month or two if it is an overreach but right now we have to consider everything they implied about what is really going is true and as such we need reponse now. We have no time for divided ourselves in the face danger for all of SOL. Let us determine true wrongs after we have more facts and that is all SP is ever asking for is the ability to gather the facts to present the true picture from the depths of space. Thank You and I return the balance of my time.”

Representatives from multiple nations stood up and began to clap. The chairman shoot a look to the SP HC Agent and in reply the agent shrugged his shoulders. The chairman concluded that SP had no hand in anything but the original presentation as far he tell though he had heard a possibility of backdoor talks about 24 hours ago but even this speech and the crowd’s reaction it was time to concluded get this hot potato off the agenda for less controversial but more politically important topics. Say if certain Trade Zones and Landing Zones were being favored because bribes or hidden tariffs being put on non-earthing corporate goods.

Getting SP out sight again was better for everyone. One did not want stress earth relation let alone have SP consider you a problem even though it was supposed to be the SP worked for the UN. He knew that SP was never cared about UNs wishes really they just did a good enough job dealing with scum and stability issues out on the edges of space ,if not most of know space, it was better to leave it alone. However there was always concerns brought up by traceless  data packets drops by some earth interests did showed that SP didn’t always care about what was legal by earth standards let alone was was moral or even ethically right. The problem with such theories is space dust never really talk well in court. So all accusations  alway, officially at least, were just rumors. Still one had to wonder what really happened deep space though.

As the clapping subsided the chairman interrupted tail end of it. “Thank you sir. Alrighty, we have busy agenda and this was an issues we need to push first because time concerns but those items do need to be dealt with so if there is not any more positions talk about I suggest we move to vote on granting IIDSP request.” He waited the objection.

Everyone verbally said nothing for a few moments though the SMS was abuze. Then the Rep from Britain requested to speak.

The Chair sighed and recognized the rep. “You may begin.”

“I move to that only the Security Console permanent members vote on this issue.” Said the British Rep

“Seconded” added the Russia Rep.

This intrigued the Chairman. He wondered why an anti big four nation would favor a permanent member vote then again it might be to clear the waters. Such is politics where you assume the deepest intentions of actions when most likey actor did even think beyond his own political gain.

“Motion Carried. If there is no more comments then the vote will come back after ten minute break.” After the Chairman finished speaking the stream played ads.

Sirene groaned internally about this before another surge of Gs shut her mental complaints . However this time the G forces were straight back like the ship was not turning anymore but accelerating in straight line

I wonder if we finally got the go orde—— Sirene finally lost consciousness.


Earth : UN Artificial City Mother Terra 

Current time minus approx one hour.

The chairman looked at the room and saw the SP HC Agent gesture to his Sunglasses that he had put on after the last speech.

The Chairman cued his AR systems an anonymous private message notification poped up, on his private line. That spooked him, only certain personal friends and special female visitors had access to him via this private line. He opened the message and two way non verbal line opened up. Though he saw the SP agent mouth move in sync to this ‘Be quiet and walk out.’

‘What do you want?’ The chairman stood up with the rest of the Security console members to go get refreshments while talking with the SP HC Agent.

‘That you listen carefully.’ He walked by the SP HC Agent who talking with Japanese Representative and staffer even though he was also talking to him.

‘Ok, then what do you want?’ The Chairman never liked being backed into a corner yet that is exactly what this SP HC Agent seemed to be doing. Unless he was wrong about that,which he hoped he was.

‘I will level with you. There is operation already underway.’ Even Though mental nonverbal messages could sound like real voice to the human brain like perspective speech the SP HC agent’s messages were purely haunting robotic that had air of sinisterism to them.

‘You what?’ The chairman had heard some of the rumors but never even conceived SP blinding breaking UN Law that openly.

‘Now do not let that emotion show on your face. We have not crossed into the Sector yet but it would be kind of embarrassing to have all of our efforts, well lets alone billions Big Fours Tax dollars wasted because idiots in the Security console small mindedness.’ The HC Agent was following at a distance of about 50 meters the chairman they both walked down the hall toward the open air deck above the ocean.

The Chairman greeted some of the representatives from Mars and spoke with them while continuing the discussion with the HC Agent ‘So about earlier. What you want?’ He looked over his shoulder. The SP agent was nowhere to be seen but he received a reply

‘That you make sure its yes vote via rule 312 section 5 of SC proceedings under the United Earth Resolution. “IN times of great threat to the world the original five founding permanent members of the UN Security counsel shall only have veto powers in such vote.”’ the chairman swore he heard cheeky tone in the dull robotic message

‘And if I don’t. You know the UN chairmanship means power to even get peron like you arrested for threatening UN Government member.’ He was fuming now.

‘I also know that the UN’s power of late has been waning heavily the past two centuries and also of the past decades many want the removal of the chairmanship and return the original UN Charter pre United Earth Resolution of 2101. Let’s say I could help those parties with that idea or help you by leaving well enough alone. You Choose.’ The HC Agent waved his hand. He was leaning up against the railing that overlooked ocean a 40 meters below as the The Chairman walked by who returned the gesture, only physically though.

What the SP HC Agent was not far from the truth the UN never really had became anything than a larger, slow and very corrupt semi powerful pseudo world government . After the 2101 United Earth Resolution every political analyst thought world peace was given, it was to a degree, but every knew all the deals and true real military power rested in the still ever present nation states and the mighty money machines call the corporations.

The UN for over the past 600 years was still just a plaything for the super powers and the corporate royalty elites. Of past fifty years it had gotten steadily worse by staggering degrees as well. The only true neutral military force was SP but even then the chairman wonder if that was because SP interests were outside of SOL that it seemed from perspective SOL politics SP seemed neutral party. This suggested otherwise greatly.

‘I will think about it.’ the chairman wondered about the situation, as he moved down the deck. He knew some what off hand how SP operated outside of SOL, where it had jurisdiction. Those rumors suggest that SP could use surprisingly forceful tactics too highly illegal methods including hacking into people brains via neural links. If any of this was true, it too late now to even consider deal with this certain operative. The HC agent had game rigged and it was listen or lose if not both.

‘I will take that as a yes and if it’s not. I hope you have options within SOL cause I know there will be none elsewhere.’ The HC Agent cut the line and he was no where to be seen on the open air deck.

The Chairman knew this move could cost him his career but not doing it would guarantee that but he still had ways to get back at the SP agents. He called another private line and smiled at himself. That would at least delay if not maybe keep the SP agent tied up for awhile dealing with ton of red tape for hours. Now about the bigger issue.

Carrier Never Zero: Hanger Decks

Current time

The ads had end about fifteen minutes earlier and the reporters, Tinra and Masuo, were back on the monitor in front of the now fully knocked out Bitch’s main Squadron. A holo projection of the UN Security Console reporter them talking about the voting results of the general warrant

“So from I what I understand that was highly unusual vote if I understand.” Masuo pointed to the floating headline above him “Emergency procedures cause only five permanent UN members to vote on General Warrant of Varnos Sector.”

“Yes, masuo it’s practically unheard of but the process is legal and due to the highly controversial subject it kind of made sense given the pressures on some of the representatives.” Tinra voice hinted at some mystery of the situation also her eyes lost focus on the camera again. The color shifting dress was now not transparent though seemingly much more form fitting.

“Did the UN Chairman ruin his career over what is good for the planet or over was there a backdoor deal with Big Four reps or more devious even SP involvement?” Masuo suggested with excitement in his voice.

“Well the net and SMS are abuzz with theories but the one that seems to be the favorite is he is protector of SOL and earth by making the hard call. Some analysis , anon though, are leaning far closer to there was a backroom deal but by whom and for what is unknown. Also it seems a security alert was issued for Mother Terra  because of a three  UN SOL Police Officers were found injured with multiple broken ribs, heavily bruising and one even had his cyber replacement arm total shattered.” noted Tinra from her net dive.

“They know who did it?” Quipped Maosu

“The official statement is trying to hold someone for questioning that was heading to hangar Bays though it was admitted by the time they figured out this had happened at least five shuttles took off though they are working to track down them.”  Tinra’s eye’s hinted she knew more that what she had just said but the rest of her lovely body else suggest that what she spoke was the truth. No really ever found.

Maosu then finished the segment

“Well then I guess we go back to debates on the new proposed orbital drop limits in the SCS Trade Zone. As always keep your focus Mars Solar Media For all important topics system wide”

The monitor blinked out and ship wide alert blared as the Never Zero stopped shuttering and returned to peace

“We are green people we are green. Get some R&R before we begin the next burn in five hours.”
No one in the Bitch’s Mane’s crash room reacted. They were all asleep and they would be for quite some time.

(If anyone is still reading this shit I thank you guys kind keep me going. So not much real action as implied. More of verbal abuse and shaky earth politics not unlike our current word also I kind of hinted as more of how FTL rules works in Sirene’s or, as I like to call it, The SP Universe. Anyways enjoy and hopefully I can get something out next week. I might have time jump because we want action don’t we not boring info dumps… well I like them but got write for flow and pacing. Anyways an critical , grammar,(and I know spelling is messed up somewhere in there) or just ideas comments are very much appreciated.

2 thoughts on ““If I Only I Understood More.” Chapter Three of the Varnos Front War.

  1. Empreb, you have a good ear for dialogue and nonverbal exchange. Thank you for your kind words on facebook, and your kind offer! It seemed like you were interested in my process but I’m not sure. I’ll leave what I do on here and please don’t take it as me being preachy/condescending, this is only what I do. It may work for you, it may not. 1. Draft every day, I do 600 words/day (break saturdays). It used to be 250. If I’m getting paid to do this full time, I’d like it to be minimum 2500, as S.King encourages. This makes creativity like a muscle, forcing yourself to create every day, you can tap easier into that imaginary (I think it’s real in a parallel universe) world. 2. Edit 2 chapters a day, minimum. I do 1/2, 3/4, 5/6…etc. Then I do it again and again. This helps you see what’s wrong with your writing and sometimes you think of new stuff to add on which you hadn’t thought of before because you start knowing your world inside and out. 3. Literary analysis. This can be developed by asking WHY everything happens in a story. Why does Inception end ambiguously? Why did Pacino leave his wife by running down a staircase in Heat? Why why why? Well written stories always have a reason why, but occasionally, you see something there just because it’s cool-for pure style. I try to infuse every event/exchange in my story with an underlying meaning. Once you’re able to figure out the ‘why’ of other stories’ seemingly random events you can start writing in more subtle stuff for your own. If something is violent/extreme, I think this is especially important, as I don’t want things to just be a cry for attention, but an integral piece of the story. I don’t have time to read full books anymore, but this can be done with movies/comic books/TV. Film has to be extremely tight and well-written due to the limited amount of time it holds an audience. The lighting, use of music, camera angles, all part of the writing. I see that you have a picture of psycho-pass on your fb(one of my all time favorites). That anime has amazing writing and thematic structure in it. If I remember correctly, Kogami is always smoking before he’s about to do something self-destructive.

    Anyways, sorry if that came off as preachy, but I had a gut feeling you might have been wanting to learn my specifics and I didn’t want to be stingy about it. Cheers! Good luck with your writing!


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