“If I Only Knew More” Chapter Two of the Varnos Front War

Location: Carrier Never Zero, Staging area 110 light years from the relative eastern edge of Twin’s Planets sector  

Date: 2784.2.17.1148.21

“ To LTC Hardraft this is an update from 2nd Combat fleet CNC about the pre-briefing. It has been moved up from 1900 Zulu to 1300 Zulu due to new High Command Orders” Said the AR Recording.

Sirene shut down the AR display and her sleep room returned to focus as she turned off all of AR interfaces mentally. Well it’s 1149 right now guess I should get ready.  Sirene showered and let the yesterday’s battle pangs be pounded softly away by the stream of warm water. Then she sipped into normal shipside utility uniform that was light sky blue for the Starfighter Corps of the SP Enforcement Arm.

She found it a bit comical she was probably the only dressed like this of the wing. Over half the the unit wore what they pleased when not in combat or training. Its what happens when you make a unit of some of the most elite pilots in the galaxy. You leave them alone until you need them then demand everything from them. Sirene never like some of the relaxed nature of some of the 2nd Wings personnel.  However they never disappointed her in performance and operational results in the past 3 years ever since she taken command them because of an incident that had the former CO and half the former wing thrown out of SP. She had been told by admiralty she would be receiving the best Starfighter pilots that they could find inside SP and outside as well to rebuild the wing. So far they had been right.

These were some of the best people you could find from mechanics to pilots and the tech they had access to was mass produced prototypes of what most Earth Nation Navies and Colony SDF would maybe have a half a decade later but those versions cheapened for profitability and would not have as high performance specs either. This all came with it came with the quirks of SP hiring practices even though decent percentage of new hires like Sirene came from the SOL International Officer Academy system on earth and then got offered to a SP Commission SP also seemed to like giving people that fit H&R part of the R&D Arms requirments offers too.

It really didn’t matter where you came from if you knew your shit and were best in your field SP would offer you job you could not refuse at least monetary wise.

Which led surprisingly led to almost ¾ of Sirene’s unit being originally from outside of SP. It was a mix of self made Jetfighter racers from Takavin underground, former military test pilots, SDF star fighter pilots that shown talent and frustration with corruption on the colonies they work on,criminal drug runners , and few people that were just so adapt at Realistic VR SIMs they thought was not a bad deal to fly for real when offered the chance for very high income.

Well, That is SP for you. Sirene shook her head free of the mental webs and decided to head to Admiral Mira Frasier’s Office a few decks up near the bridge. She walked down the hall to call tube car one of the faster ways about bigger ships like the Never Zero which was about 1700 meters long.

Outside of the Admiral’s office, Sirene heard loud talking …. then yelling then *Thump* *Smash*. The door slide open and a young twenty something male dressed in civvies that had ‘Darky R&D’ on the back of his jacket came zipping out.  He is face gave aura of a scared rabbit running from foxes, hounds and mad mother bear when he glanced at for help Sirene before deciding trying to talk to another SP officer might not be the best idea after just pissing off one just a moment ago.

“OH and TELL your superior they can start working on my fleet WHEN THEY HAVE THE RIGHT ORDERS in ON TIME, NOT a week later or right before I am going to be doing a operation I have no clue what I am doing in. Now Shoo” Said Admiral Frasier that was standing dressed in glittering blue nightdress Sirene saw by peaking around the open door. It seems the “messenger” was not informed about messing with the Admiral’s sleeping habits and breaking bad news to her let alone doing both at once.

With that the Darky R&D messenger started walking away rapidly down the hall while mumbling to himself and shaking his head.  

“So Admiral what happened now?” Sirene said still looking in on the room from the outside and debating if she should leave as well.

“Well I found out that we are being delayed again it seems a bunch of ‘upgrades’ from the R&D ARM are needed before we begin this operation though I still do not have a clue what that either. Yet my last orders were to have 150 destroyer Unit fleet ready to go today at 1400 and well you look at me and this place…. that is not happening if they keep demanding something else. Heck, I am not even managing this formation right now is someone upstairs at High Command is putting together a fleet and I am just waiting for the ‘Go, Fetch shit’ order yet some how I have people everywhere thinking I am charge when I NO IDEA WHAT IS GOING ON?!” She shouted the last part while pacing then motioned for Sirene to come in.

“Ah,— so if you do not know what is going then who is doing the briefing for the fleet Captains and CO’s, Ma?” She asked this while slid into the room and the door closed behind her.

“Well It seems some High Command Agent is doing the briefing and that has me more puzzled than anything else so far.” Admiral Frasier motioned her hands and a holo projector displayed the order right in front of Sirene’s face. She saw the highlighted piece

“-and to current Fleet Commander the briefing will be done by High Command Agent. His briefing and the orders packets with him will explain the situation and outline operations goals.”

Sirene read a little more but now knew her suspicion had been confirmed. No one in the damn fleet knew what was going on and to top it off a spook was going to give them a brief. Wonderful, just wonderful.

“So, Sing what do you think of that?” said Admiral Frasier as she was changing from her nightgown to a light combat uniform that was form fitting that had Very Dark Navy BLUE color of SP Enforcement Arm Fleet and snake skin feel to its surface.

Sirene was not surprised that even in the admiralty ranks of SP that military bearing was a little to casual but still did not help the situation but she replied anyways

“Well we are going to briefing by a spook. Not a General, not a Four Comet Admiral not even a data burst from HC or Fleet HQ but a SPOOK who knows more about when I pissed and when my cycle is than I do. That does not sit with me well, Ma’am not at all.

Admiral Frasier mag boots closed around her feet and she stood up. She looked at Sirene for a moment. Then she moved to sit down at her desk as her crash bed disappears into wall .

“Well, you welcome to hang out until the briefing Sing but it seems I have the messenger at my door again with his employer” as she said a notification popped on her holo desk informing of visitors.

“I will see you the briefing Ma’am.” and Siren move back towards the door seeing mister Darky had with him this time a middle aged man in business suit. It was going to fun fireworks to miss but she decide to head to the Cafeteria before the briefing was far more worth her time.  ———


“Briefing of operation at 1300. All requested personal are to report by 1255 zulu in CIC Briefing room. I repeat all request personal are to report to CIC Briefing Room by 1255” The ship PA system blared this across all the manned desk along with text AR message sent to Sirene PDA mimicking the message. She was coming from portside of ship down the hall towards the CIC briefing room. The chow from the Cafeteria was not bad and it seems of late they had been getting fresh food from the twins and some of ring farm colonies that made their money off of growing and raising real food around some of the goldilocks zone of Main sequence SOL like stars for other mining and exploration stations and outfits. It seems a good steak could still sell quite well even their cost was many times that of planetside prices.

As she close in on the open doors of the briefing room the personnel filtering were of two general uniforms types. The large fraction of them were Very Dark Navy Blue colored nick named as Space Blue for the SP Enforcement Arm Fleet that were semi form fitting and were variations of the snakeskin combat type that the Admira Frasier had put on too the more seek duty uniforms.  The next group Sirene noted as she walked into the briefing room that more was like theater inside was the Investigation Arm Agents. Their sandy brown jackets stood out in the sea of darker colors. What they worn under that was personal taste. And they were supposed to the Investigation Arm Agents fell under a total different chain of command but she was surprised to see this many in here.

This no normal enforcement arm fleet action. This freaking full out Intel Arm raid.

Sirene walked towards a familiar face to figure out what was going on and why by her estimate they had almost twenty Investigation Arm Shuttle teams in the room and AR Alert informed her that person was Captain Ko Nighthall in Command of Shuttle Josuha.

“So, why is a SP fleet briefing requiring around 300 Investigative Arm Agents to attend Captain Nighthall?” She saw the Captain turn to address her but he seemed size her up and respond  quickly corner of his cheek grinning.

“Well Colonel if I knew that I would any of us agents be here right now?” He had a slight smirk on his face

“Probably not knowing you guys but still do you think Captain you might have an idea of why I suddenly realize my hanger is filled with your shuttles?” Her face was faking frustration.

“Your Hanger? I am pretty sure that Admiral Frasier’s or SCaptain Jukesan’s hanger though it depends on who you ask and with how many beers too.” They both laughed at that one.

“Ok, nice to see you still doing fine after that raid on colony Fuitima. So Ko did you get that colony babe after all of that shit–” That was quite a mission at lot of damage was done to the colony by the terrorist and the local police. It had been one of her last missions before her promotion to Wing Commander.

“That babe is Mrs Nighthall now and she is living on Nova at the moment” Ko sent a data burst of the very beautiful tan spaniard woman standing with him on one of the many beaches of NOVA.

“You should sent me a message about that instead of the declassified missions shit you know you used just to talk to me before all that.” Sirene knew he with her her for quite some time now

“Well Colonel. You know it helps to keep your options open. You never know” The smirk on his face received a quick jab in his right rib from Sirene’s left fist.

“You know that was never going to happen. Captain” He tried though I will give him. I was good dare to try to get me for one night. Darn good dare.

Hey, I tried though the mood was right…. guess I owe you for pushing me to her in the.” Ko knew that that night had a lot personnel between units getting to know each other but Sirene said nope with a fist after seeming to yes with her body and speech.

“Well anyways, I guess I know where your pay checks have been going for a few years now but what happened your CO at the time. He a fullbird now? Cause I was sure he was a LTC back then.” Sirene remembered that man quite well but his name escaped her…. he always was called Cap which made sense for CO of shuttle crew but there was a reason that nickname stuck in her head.

“He retired. About seven or so months ago.” Ko was blunt in speech about that “I really didn’t see it coming but one day we just checked on Deep Cruse Destroyer for repairs and re-arm and little R&R before new orders and next day I receive orders packet saying I am promoted to Captain and in command of Joshua. I never saw him after he left the shuttle to talk to someone and the last I found out is somewhere back earthside enjoying is his investments or that is what I can infer cause his record is locked and gone from all SP data banks. He is a ghost now.”

“Ok, have heard of people wanting to go dark but he must have made some connections to just disappear like that.” Sirene new some SP personnel like that former Commanders did have the options to retire and have all of their personal data lock away from SOL and SP prying eyes but hearing a normal Investigation Arm agent just disappearing from SP total… not heard of but rare… very rare.

“Everyone please be seated.” Admiral Frasier stressed voice was heard. She was on the stage part of the briefing room in with HOLO screen behind her back emanating dark blackish vibe with a red and blue hexagon symbol with the letters ‘SP’ in middle rotating in about what would about the middle of screen.

Ko Motioned to Sirene to sit next to him. She sat down giving him a slight glare but truthfully she rather be there than with other Enforcement Arm officers. Investigation Arm Agent usually knew how to make boring briefing interesting to say the least.

“I was hoping to address you all with information at this time but it seem because OPSEC High Command sent a liaison to address us.” With that Admiral Frasier motioned a tall and lanky man that was walking from back stage. The holo screen particles smoothly for him as he moved to the the left side Admiral from backstage. He was dressed similar to the Admiral’s Light Combat uniform except his was glowing faint golden-yellow sunlight glow that faded to matte gold color a few seconds later.

The room froze. That uniform color was for two types of people: VIPs which were rare in SP but more often it was used for Commanders or The High Commander when they are on a ship or station of SP. He neither but everyone had the same questions “Who is this? What is going on?”

“High Command Agent Vas. The room is as level one security and we are cut off from the rest of the ship now you may begin I believe?” The Admiral hoped this was the cue for him final tell all including herself about the operation.

“Understood Ma’am.” Admiral Frasier left the stage and High Command Agent Vas began the brief. The holo screen melted into Galactic Map. Showing an overhead overlay of the 6000 LYS around Earth on the orion belt. I was not a relicti map but info map with information on all known human colonies, stations and worlds with important data ready at a moments notice on hyperlink away.

“To give clarity to everyone here all information give is what we at HC felt was needed to be known. It might be more than usual for many of you but the need for complete understanding was recognized for the risks you all are about to endure for this operation. As such all pay for this is two times the normal rate for combat operations and R&R that was due some units will be paid with appropriate overcharges and given rainchecks post op for double the normal time.”

The room echo with some quiet whispers, and gasps.

‘So Ko It seems we are going to get paid for real work this time.’ Sirene winked at him when sending the nonverbal message

“I wish it was that simple. I really wish it was” Ko whispered back under his breath.

To that she was not sure with what responded to his remark. What does he knows?

High Command Agent Vas began again this time, rapidly speaking and the holo screen showed the appropriate information as needed.

“The operation is going to Sector Raid on the Varnos Sector with the central goal of capturing 500+ targets invold of class Alpha nanite tech leak that was discovered a about a two weeks ago now. As you know SP has been interested in the money, resources and haven to organized criminals and pirates that Varnos sector has become over the past 50 years and thanks proof obtained recently the UN Security Council will vote tomorrow on providing us an open warrant for SP to begin arrest targets under the UN ANTI Space Crime and Space Piracy act authority that can be granted in non international space and private colonies hold person’s violation of Nano Tech Proliferation treaties.”

Holo screen show the basics of the arrest and the data related to how it linked with other SP info the Varnos Sectors Corporate Owners, Corp Royalty Families and business parties and who was involved with the leak of data from the Sol Sector.

“Your job is to support the over 500 Investigation arm teams in the operation. They will provide deep space recon to oalt nav routes and ground support when 2nd Mobile fleet arrives at Davison’s Pull colony”

The Holo Screen transformed into a 3D cylinder O’neill colony rotating in space with Reflective Solar Panels that travel it length. Its Total size was at 60Km in length and diameter of 14Km.

The Davison’s Pull  was a class 5C, an old but trusted design, that intended to able be hold upwards of 10 million people with support of its self in food production. In reality Davison’s Pull was over crowded Mega City to say the least. It held upwards of 75 million people and it reflected this in its  heavy urban interior design, many expansions in length of the it and depth of the colony’s orbital floors that made the cylinder look very jagged on its surface instead of smooth. Also that required twenty food factories onboard and 7 AG Facts Stations in system to support its population. The only other colonies that even came close to this beside earth like worlds were in the Colony Route zone at least 3000 LYS away.

“Most of the targets we are wanted to arrests are going to be in this system” The holo screen Davison’s Pull shrunk rapid as the  overhead interstellar view backed out from colony’s orbit and showed the overall system view. The center was was a main sequence star two times the size of the sun.

“The Varnara system from what we understand is very much the stronghold of the Sector however they will at worst have estimated in total across their hold system fleet 100 units strong.

That is not to say we are not total sure of their firepower around the colony but that is why the Battle Squadron Verochka’s Arm Is coming along. They some of weapon systems the R&D Arm would like you to use to when necessary to make what little contact you have with the Defensive stations around the Davison’s Pull as least promatic as possible.”

Appropriate holograms popped up showing off the Battle Squadron of 1 Battleship and 4 Heavy cruisers and 10 support destroyers and their specs at least only the non classified ones.

“That is really I have all to say about this matter. The nav data and orders are in Admiral Frasier’s Command but I do have one last thing to clarify. She is not the operation commanding officer, that will be General Mike Care. He is preparing the rest of the 2nd Mobile fleet as reinforcements should the situation require it. They will come in as force of 700 Unit strong though mostly as logical and nav support for the Investigation arm teams. Admiral Frasier is Standing CO until General Care arrives with the second wave which by current ETA is about two weeks after you enter the Varnos sector which if all the pieces fall in place tomorrow at 1100 Zulu.”

The holo screen went back to its normal black with the SP Symbol floating in place above the HC Agent Vas. He saw that room was as predicted by computer model he ran before this going to need some more answers.

Just for once would humans be just unpredictable. He began again

“I am now open for questions—within reason about the operation and the objectives of SP in it.”

And then the hurricane of AR/nano nerv data hit him the second as he end’s last word. His PDA filtered and sorted based on what he thought they would ask. Besides the few pokes at his gender, sex life and if knew if his mother had been unfaithful in unusual ways that came from anon sources in the group and he was quite impressed some people knew how so still be anonymous on SP SMS networks let alone on a small close one in this room.

He found most of the questions were around two major issues. Which Arm was leading this raid? and the rule of engagement were strangely vague for Raid which usually means enforcement arm treats all ships as enemy until proven friendly or non combatant or melted slush. Also where were the marines because they usually were need for these kinds of Raids?

“Well, I will answer the best I can with the limits of my role on what you all want to know besides which kind of porn I or girl or guy or thing screw do on my personal time.”

Admiral Frasier Blushed then fumed when hearing Vas say the last part. She knew someone was going to be doing extra duty and PT for that.

“First this mission is an SP Investigation Arm Operation. Enforcement Arm like normal deep space patrols is supporting the reason we are requiring the unsal amount of firepower is the speed and ability to adapt situation as they unfold. We really to not have and accurate picture of what is going on in there and Investigation Arm Teams have been doing there best to get us ready for the well invasion but the unknown requires us to really bring the best foot forward and that is really about it. Also about rule of engagement they vague for the same reasons. We do not want to put the fleet in danger it could have avoided if not hampered. The JOCS of the Big Four probably will not like it but it the best way to cover our asses and also give Admiral Frasier and General Care ability to do want is needed when it need.

The truth is the operation is bigger than the nano tech leak. You should all know this. This is the first and probably only opportunity to strike and proof too the UN that Varnos Sector can’t be left alone off the grid SP protection and law enforcement reach. So damn it we do not steal the whole cookie jar. We know there is enough info in their to open wide the sector forever we just have to get the damn thing in the first place.

Also about the marines besides the usual complement in fleet we have two Battalions with Drone,mech and R&D prototype support that will be added to the fleet. Some of them will be on the Never Zero due to its ability to store some of their more advanced gear for deployments. They will be back up and the heavy hands if needed.

“Agent Vas you know who we are really after” Ko had stood up right next to the now squirming Sirene who was trying not be involved.

The holoscreen flicked and five 3D figures of people popped up. Each had various detail that could be used for IDing them but the top of it was these two word. Priority Zero.

“I guess handing you that info was not the best of ideas.” Vas voice changed no tone but his eyes lock on with Ko’s I will forward that to the director. The rest of the room looked at situation curiosity, shock  and few in the sandy brown coats in shuttered of what was really going on.

“Admiral Frasier. I am afraid I am going to have to ask the rest of the room to leave but you and the Investigation Arm teams of the Jousha and Mira and LTC Colonel Sirene due to opsec.” The screen flickered and blanked out at same moment and the doors room open at the same time.

She was still dumbfounded but quickly spoke.

“You heard him… get out NOW!”

A few minutes passed and twenty three odd persons were left then High Command Agent Vas lock the doors with and after checking no one could listen in let his real emotions run.

“I still do not know how YOU of all people were trusted let a lone recommended by one of the SP Investigation Arm top former agents and also were trusted with information that was on a need to know bases even within High Command and High Command agent HQ. Still there should be no breach of what really we need these people for-” He stop letting rage show on his face while motioning to the holo screen with the five people on it and the priority zero above them.

“Mackvin has places I could dump even an agent like you in and be rid of you for the bigger issue of Priority Zero being shown too that many people that should not know what it means until they need to.” The room was quiet for awhile

Meanwhile, Admiral Frasier mind was like a rat terrier running between two people excited to see them both but not sure which one go to first and stuck in between but alway running towards someone.

She had somehow someone breach data and high level protocols she knew nothing about and wanted to personally mame Ko for this embarrassment. However at the same time the this High Command Agent Vas shown he could do even worse to Ko and might consider her part of the problem. Its like being at basic all over again and being Private Nothing all in less than a second.

Vas saw all of this on her face and decide to quell the fears of her but the fuming of Sirene, that had been building, got out first.

“What the FUCK is going here. Who are you really and what does Captain Nighthall have to do with this and when did shit get this bad that we have admiral thrown in with the rest of asswipe hooligans in shit. Also WHO HECK ARE THOSE BASTARDS?” she ending the machine gun swearing induced rage fest while pointing to the holograms.

“They are KOS targets Colonel or they will be if react in the way the Captain Nighthall believe they  will due to his run in with the Priority Zero Suspects before.” Vas smoothly turned to Admiral Frasier and continued

“Admiral, I did not mean to cause a scene but we have no time for leaks even if SP normal data flow is practically proof from that people still can by nature say the wrong things one too many times in the wrong company and problems begin.” She nodded to what he said and glared at Ko

“Ma, I will explain more. Priority Zero is Investigation Arm term used in side of Arm for target that must be stop at all costs. Usually this is  never used but if it is the team is to have all Investigation Arm resource stop suspects including lethal ones… to put it bluntly its for many suspects it is a KOS in practicality because of their mental state and or resistance to arrest.”

“What it really means, Ma is that we become the brute force Elimination Arm because there is no other option at the time or it prefered they die to a bullet than stay alive.I have seen it twice when realize we are fine with shooting to kill act like cornered rabbits and do everything to stay alive. Once was normal op and we tried but the local cops shot kill and the reaction was not pretty but with control and we kill him for safety of the area. The other person when she realized it was not local but SP agents after her and some how knew we would kill her if needed she lost it and killed 1324 people. Heard of the Luge mine accident? That was the cover up it was the results of her desperation and resisting arrest. I personally shot over twenty  dead that day trying to stop her. The rest of the team? I do not care to ask about it.”

He looked at his team and they looked away or at the ground.

“ I don’t care to know and never looked at the combat data.” It was all ruled with in reason of the operation and I have heard nothing since it was but I have learned Priority Zero mean KOS. That is not my job description. Have the EA goons or the Marines murder people for cash I do my job to get bad guys.”

HC Vas replied with disdain and impatience in is voice. The was going to far to fast for what needed to be said

“Captain, your correct Priority Zero usually is used for target SP would rather want dead however we can not alway predict how they will react to SP agents. I did read the report on the situation that happened on Luge. It was the results of us not getting to the bottom of it sooner and that is why a Priority Zero came down in the middle of the operation. Local Investigation Command did not suspect that hostilities would openly fire on you and that is why Priority Zero was given out because we had to stop her with what we had at the time and your former CO was the one who called for the that resentment of the situation with emphasis on lethal response might be the only solid option. He knew some time things had to be done with brute force even at a great cost to maintain stable-” Vas was cut off by KO

“DO NOT bring HIM into THIS!” the dark brown eye’s of KO some how had a glow to them filled with rage fueled by passion of respect of a man and not of hate  though his outburst ton went straight for High Command Agent Vas.

“Admiral Frasier I am only going to say this once and only once. If you feel this Investigation Arm Team #164 of Captain Nighthall’s is a threat to the operation and exceed their operational parameter’s outline on your briefing orders I handed you. You will be given retroactive authority to, if need, blow his shuttle out of the sky for being a threat to SP security and the Big Four national security.”

High Command Agent Vas calm voice had returned but blinked in slight shock as Sierne tried to lunged at the man while Ko and few other Investigation arm agents tried to stop pissed off amazonian while she yelled at him.

“You fucker you do not have that command authority. That is impersonation of being a Commander! Your damn your  threats- and get your hands off of me you idiots”

She fought them for another second before military instinct kicked when Admiral Frasier bellowed out “Attention, Commander on ship.”

Everyone stood up attention while High Command Admiral Vas nodded in thanks towards Admiral Frasier for that outburst”

“Please lets end this discussion,and be seat. I will pretend it didn’t happen. Also for all cases here I represent High Command in on this ship so I would suggest too  you LTC Hardraft to consider me equal at least Command do implied practical rank on my suit at the moment while i am on this ship” He said with no change in his face but much in his vocal tone implied much about  his new opinion of Sirene.

“Yes, sir” said Sirene with only the strands what little military barring that was left for Vas her voice sound nothing other than programed response from years of service

“Good and now Admiral I will explain what this operation is about and how this officer and these operatives are going to be used to get what we need those five persons” the hole screen flicked in response to this cue by putting up the  five persons and their info. “Will leave the details in the reports to the Investagtion arm teams but I will outline THEE priority of this mission of the record. It is to capture and remove these individuals from the varnos sector alive preferable and if not that eliminate them with lethal force if it becomes a threat to the opsec and fleet projection power. Admiral, can read more on what we want from the operation but things are going to happen quick and until General Mike Care can arrive ma your command judgement going to be need on what happens next.”

“So I this operation is to my judgement to achieve this goal Agent Vas?” Admiral Frasier pointed to the screen

“You read the file Ma’ma that is the goal. Getting those persons at all costs and or remove them from equation is the whole point of the operation. You LTC Hardraft will support these two teams of Investigation Arm with everything at your disposable. That included some new tools from R&D that should be in the next few hours. You will be compiled to work with those  R&D personnel come along with the tools for the duration of operation for the stuff they bring require constant updating and tuning. Do I make myself clear these persons are priority number one over everything else unless Admiral Frasier determines otherwise. Clear?”

“Crystal clear sir.” replied everyone in the room besides HC Agent Vas who glanced at all of them.

They do not know how much is riding on this and its is better they don’t.

“Dismissed.” Everyone quickly filtered out but Admiral Frasier who saw Vas mouth ‘Stay’. Sirene and Ko caught this as they left the room. They both shot message to each other as they door closed behind them while looking at each other ‘There is more?’

The room systems went through security checks again then after about half the minute of admiral Frasier waiting for some more bad news High Commander Agent Vas finally spoke

“You seem tense Mira.” Vas for the first time in the past hour sounded human.

“Who are you not like any High Command Agent I have seen though or heard about. What is going up stairs for me a 2 coment Admiral to be leading this operation? I am above my head in every way? Am I a fall guy if this goes south? Who did I tick off?” Admiral Frasier voice trembled a bit.

She had been around imposing people before. Four Comet Admirals, Earth JOCS’s and some political leaders and one SP high commander. This man was different his presents and that fact all the mental control systems responded to him with no resistance or even showing who he was that he could be able to represent Commander in both power and name yet be almost enigma while standing the on the stage. Her mind kept racing about if her career was over or worse had happened.

Someone had to have framed her because of competitiveness and smarts a threat to the upper admiralty that she knew they were resting on the desk jobs. She had heard of the rumors of the ability of up  SP ranks to erase their own from everywhere in the known galaxy. When you enter SP you are removed from earth databases so to make a person disappear from SP really ending their ability to be human anywhere.

“Mira, The Director would like to offer you a job. Let me explain more before you give me answer and you can tell me before I leave in one hour on my personal Data Channel” Vas begin explain to Admiral Frasier many things. Her face turned from despair to confusion but slowly worked back to her normal hard to read features but with small smile on the corner of her lips.

An hour a ten minutes later High Command Agent Vas walked on the flight deck of the NEVER ZERO towards his Darky HyperSpace Shuttle when his AR system poped up a private IM from unknown source message. As the shuttle pulled out of the hanger and away from the fleet formation and burned towards known space around the Twin Worlds he opened it .  It said one thing. “I’m in”.

A smug expression creeped on his face as the shuttle ripped into hyperspace.

“Good, very good.”

(If you reading this at all thanks and yes there is shitty editing on this. More will  be done . Feel free comment, critique cause no one can improve without feed back usually the brutally honest hard kind. I hope to have another chapter up next week giving a little more back ground of the Universe that LTC Sirene Hardraft is in and show off some how the FTL/hyperspace works with some more action. Thanks again for you time and  hope see you in the void

PS Date system used is Year. month. day.hour.second and even tenth of second if need  So this date 2784.2.17.1148.21  2784 AD February the 17th at 1148 zulu and 21 second after the current minute )

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